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Geography Game Aliens Abducted is an Excellent Education App!

Geography game Aliens Abducted is an iPad and iPhone (iOS Universal) “edugame” that features 3 abducted aliens who must travel the universe on a quest of knowledge playing through 2 flag-guessing game modes identifying 150 different country flags while trying to unlock a fun platformer game – but there’s more than that to this app. Bilu Games has done a fantastic job of providing stunning visual graphics and intriguing educational gameplay — which seems to be the norm for them. Their previous iPhone and iPad Games app, Monster Difference featured some other zany and funny looking monsters, as well as one of the most entertaining find-the-difference matching games that I have ever played. Their new geography game (Aliens Abducted) fits in nicely with this company’s growing bevy of fun and high-quality iOS learning games.

This game highlights an alien named Moe who finds out that he’s been saved from his own planet’s destruction, but must now take a challenging journey. Moe has two other (obviously abducted) alien friends named Marvin and Barry to join him on a quest through the Universe in search of wisdom and knowledge. What is that wisdom and knowledge? Well, the first stop is planet Earth in this unique geography learning game. The 3 main game modes are: Flags Levels, Flags Free, and Escape (the platformer game). Both of the Flag game modes feature a guessing game, in which a country is identified only by its map boundaries on the Earth globe map, similar to a Google Earth zoomed out view along with 3 country flags, one being the correct country flag choice for the map outline. Both game modes also feature 3 lives (Moe, Barry, and Marvin), but the difference is in Flag levels, which has 30 levels, and Flags Free is more like a survival game where you try to guess all 150 country flags before losing all your lives. Finally, in the Escape platformer game, you’ll play as Moe running endlessly from left to right collecting coins, dodging robots, electricity, and eventually falling to your death. There is a gun that you can get occasionally and coins to collect. The object is to see how far you can get.


Here is where the “more” part comes in. Another portion of this app gives you the opportunity to learn all of the countries’ locations, as well as their flags called the Library. This area allows you to see all of the included countries that appear in the Flag game modes (150 countries) to include more details about each country, such as flag, map location, as well as a link to Wikipedia to find out some more in-depth information about each country. The short Storyline about Moe, that begins when the app is opened, is funny and can be watched by tapping on the Story tab — definitely worth watching. There is also more content coming to this application like Math and Quotes. Famous quotes are already included in this game and appear after level completion, level failure or after each Escape game is completed.

The graphics in Bilu Games are simply awesome and stand out as some of the best I have come across in iOS apps. The overall attention to detail and humor in graphics and in design make this game unique and visually desirable — in other words — totally memorable. The cut scenes (alien video movements) for wrong answers given are hilarious and include lots of funny effects on the aliens, like being turned into babies, weird living creatures or piles of dust with eyeballs. The Flag game modes are very challenging and I quickly found out that my geography skills weren’t so hot with some lesser known countries like Brunei, when shown on the map. The Escape platform game is a fun, but I wanted to get the gun right away, especially once I saw the button to shoot. Nonetheless, Aliens Abducted is like 3 games in 1 (2 learning and 1 just for fun) along with a beneficial flag/country encyclopedia that will help just about everyone discover where different countries are in this vast world — an in an extremely engaging way. Be sure to watch the Aliens Abducted iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Games application. Watch our other iPad video app demos .

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