All 80s Trivia II iPhone App – Rad App; Get Your ’80s Face On!

The All 80s Trivia II iPhone app is for the ’80s crowd or those who just can’t get enough of the 1980s era. All 80s Trivia II is a great means of fulfilling your thirst for a “trivial pursuit” iPhone ’80s trivia game. There are many categories to choose from such as Music, Movies, Television, and Events & News. Then all you have to do is flip through these ’80s generation questions that pertain to each respective category.

The layout fits perfectly with the ’80s style and is a kick for the fanatics abroad. After completing the 25 questions in each category, you can send your score to friends and family to either prove your worth, or challenge them to a trivia match. A cool feature that really intrigued me was the “Pass It On” function. If you as the user have any suggestions to add to the All 80s Trivia II app, you can send a message saying “I would like this fact to be added.”


I found that a wise move because now the users can have control over how the application can fit their needs and wants – excellent incorporation! However, I have 3 suggestions that would improve this application. It would be great to add more categories and trivia, shuffle the questions randomly each time you pick a category, and show the incorrect answers at the end so that you can not only learn the right answer, but now know the trivia answer for future endeavors. More trivia would also help as well because the possibility of repeated questions wouldn’t be much of an issue. Another fun aspect would be to add a few game feature such as “timed trivia” or something that incorporates more players. Overall, this application is great for getting your “’80s face on,” fun if you enjoy ’80s trivia or if you were fortunate enough to hail from this generation.

All 80s Trivia Trivia II Key Features

  1. An application stocked full of 1980s trivia
  2. Multiple categories with over 341 questions and facts
  3. Send your score to friends and family to either prove your worth or challenge them to a match
  4. Pass It On feature allows user input; great incorporation
  5. Couple of suggestions; added trivia, show incorrect answers, and add gaming features
  6. Layout pertains to ’80s theme and finesse
  7. Overall, an excellent application

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