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All About Airports – Fun, Kids’ Interactive Learning Book!

All About Airports for the iPhone and iPad is an interactive and animated learning book that takes children on an engaging airport tour — starting at the front doors, leading all the way to the sky — and more. When I was a kid, airports were extremely fascinating to me. Even as an adult, traveling on a plane gets my blood flowing, maybe not quite like before after experiencing things like flight delays and cancellations. Regardless, the airport is an amazing place, especially through the eyes of kids looking at the large buildings, huge planes, jet fuel trucks, stores, people bustling about, and numerous other activities that make it all so memorable.

This interactive book does a fantastic job of walking a child through the front doors of an airport, including all aspects of catching a plane, taking care of emergencies, fixing a plane (which requires their interactive input), to more on each narrated page. While most book applications have text and can be read alone or through narrated text, this book is different because it has no text, but rather relies on the many interactions, narration, and specific words to express the story as it teaches kids “All About Airports.” There are plenty of buttons to touch to make actions happen, items to tap on for explanations, as well as people to touch in order to find out what job they do.

All About Airports iPad Kids Book AppAll About Airports iPad Kids Book App

The book has extremely simple navigation, with only a few buttons to use (forward and backward navigation buttons), even to the numerous interactions, which kids will have a ton of fun activating to complete certain actions/tasks. The content narration in regards to the page images and interactions is coordinated very well and easy for kids to follow and understand. All About Airports reminds me of the pop up books I loved as a kid, but in a digital version. If your kids have any type of fascination with the airport, then they’ll probably take a liking to this fun, interactive learning book — All About Airports. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete look at the All About Airports book application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

All About Airpots iPad App Details

Title: All About Airpots
Price: $3.99
Size: 9.7 MB
Category: Books
Developer: InteractBooks LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

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All About Airports - InteractBooks LLC

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All About Airpots iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

This book is a learning book designed to teach children by interaction in a fun, engaging and creative way. It takes the viewer through many aspects of an airport starting with the terminal building right through to flying on an airplane. There is a task to be accomplished on each page which enhances his or her understanding of how everything functions and works inside an airport and it is full of fun reactive animations that draws the viewer in and brings the whole book to life.

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