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WebMD Allergy App, Doctor Approved Info And Relief For Allergy Sufferers

iPhone Review for iPhone Allergy Apps

If you’re an allergy sufferer, then you’ll definitely want to download the WebMD Allergy app. This free Health & Fitness app gives allergy sufferers good reason to rejoice. That’s because WebMD has packed it with trustworthy information and useful tools that’ll help you take control of the miserable allergies that plague you and your family throughout the year.

WebMD Allergy App Overview

Unfortunately, allergies aren’t just a springtime thing. They’re a nuisance all year long, and worse for some of us than others. Which is what makes having the WebMD Allergy app such a valuable resource. The WebMD app gives you the knowledge you need to be informed and better equipped to handle whatever allergies come your way.

Inside this iPhone app you will find doctor approved tips and articles as well as a helpful section on Allergy 101 basics to teach you everything you need to know about the most common allergies. With this app you can also build a personal allergy profile for yourself and for each member of your family. Along with your personal profile, you receive personalized allergy forecasts and weather forecasts for your local area, and custom alert notifications too.

WebMD Allergy iPhone App Review

Another benefit is the Allergy Tracker feature that allows you to record and track allergy symptoms and treatments; that includes the option to add notes right from within the app. But the best part about the Allergy Tracker is the ability to print a one page summary report to share with your doctor or caregiver.

Getting Started

Overall, WebMD Allergy is an easy-to-use app with an excellent user interface. But to get started, you’ll need to register with an email. Although some people don’t like having to provide an email to use any mobile app, WebMD Allergy does give you a few reasons why you need to register: If you set up an account your inputted data will be safe and secure if your device is lost or stolen, especially if you don’t sync your devices. And the other benefit of registering is that your info and settings sync across all your iOS devices. And if you’re still leery about sharing your information, WebMD does have a disclaimer that states that they, “Don’t rent, lease, or sell your personally identifiable information for any reason.”

To register, you’ll need an email, a created pass code, and your birth date. There is the option to add a pin number for additional security. And the app does give you a password security rating as well for your created pass code, for those of you worried about the security of your personal information. Your next step is to create an allergy profile for yourself and/or family members to help WebMD Allergy personalize information to your chronic allergy conditions. You can also customize your alert notifications to receive daily alerts or only when allergens are at a certain level.

iPhone App Review for Allergy App WebMD

Allergy Forecast

This feature is only available if you indicate that you have either indoor or outdoor allergies. By allowing this iPhone app to use your current GPS location or zip code, this information allows the WebMD Allergy app to customize your weather forecast, allergy forecast, and alerts for your local area and selected allergy types. The WebMD app uses as its weather source. And factors in data from (American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology) to determine the Allergy Forecast for each day.

The Forecast feature keeps you aware of allergy triggers and makes it easier to plan your daily or recreational activities when you know what your area’s weather and specific pollen/allergen levels are. The Allergy Forecast also provides alert notification info, quick tips, facts or quizzes, and articles related to your specific allergy triggers.

For example, if you said you have indoor allergies, you’ll get house cleaning tips like having a HEPA filter on your vacuum cleaner, using shades instead of blinds, and the importance of taking your shoes off before entering the house. But if you want to explore allergies in more depth, there are plenty of additional articles on specific allergy types that can be found in the Allergies 101 section.

iPhone App Review for WebMD Allergy App

Allergies 101

Allergies 101 is where you will find the bulk of all the allergy information you need to become knowledgeable about all kinds of common allergies. The WebMD Allergy app provides 9 categories that are targeted toward specific allergy types. These categories include: Outdoor/HayFever, Indoor/Year-Round, Drug, Food, Insect Bites and Stings, Latex, Skin, Children’s Allergies, and General. And under each of these main categories you will discover other helpful information on common allergy triggers and problems, facts, tests and treatments, and practical tips to handle your chronic condition.

While exploring in this allergy app I did discover a “fun” feature in the Outdoor/HayFever category. This was a slideshow for the 10 Worst US Cities by season and allergy. This slideshow also includes a famous name, interesting fact and/or history tidbit for each cited city. These 10 selected cities are ranked starting with the worst offender, but the order does change each year based on collected data.

iPhone Allergy App Review for WebMD Allergy

Weather Forecast

This is a simple feature that allows you to check out your 3 day forecast for your specified area. With a quick glance in the Weather Forecast section, you can see basic information like the day of the week, daily Day and Night temperatures, as well as the general weather conditions for your local area thanks to your iPhone’s GPS function or the zip code you provided.

Allergy Tracker

Chronic sufferers will love this feature that automatically puts your allergy data in a tidy form. It lists the date, your location, your specified allergy type, along with quick buttons to log your symptoms, current treatments and the option to add notes. Every family member you created a profile for will be listed in this section individually, making it easy to track and record everybody’s allergy information. You can even print or email your summary report to share with others. Reports are for: Last 7 Days, Last 15 Days, or Last 30 Days.

iPhone App Review for WebMD Allergy App


The WebMD Allergy app is a great Health & Fitness app to have on your iPhone due to the reliability of the allergy related information and the useful tools. This app has an overall 4 star rating (out of 5) in the iTunes App Store based on 25+ reviews. However, there are a few grumbles about the accuracy of the pollen forecasts and 1 complaint about having to provide too much personal information and getting “junk mail from 3rd parties.” But other than that, WebMD appears to be a pretty solid app. So to all you miserable allergy sufferers out there, don’t let your allergies control you – take control of them with this handy little app that should help you start enjoying your life again.

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WebMD Allergy
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Great iPhone app to find out everything you need to know about allergies. Perfect for spring and all year round.
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