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Amazing Alex Logical Puzzler Updated for Android

Amazing Alex has been recently updated for the Android platform providing very smooth gameplay. Amazing Alex comes from the “all so famous” Rovio Mobile creators, of now legendary iOS and Android titles: Angry Birds. This game (while not original) is a fantastic casual puzzle game packed with 100 levels and loads of fun. This massive puzzler included over 100 levels now with the update (10/16/12). There is a new episode, new levels each week, and an opportunity for you to have your very own puzzle featured — pretty cool.

If you’re not familiar with this game, Amazing Alex takes on challenges via “Rube Goldberg machines” which require some rather logical thinking, but the game is not too difficult, and includes a variety of episodes and now weekly levels. Episodes start in The Classroom with Alex daydreaming, then lead to The Backyard, Alex’s Bedroom, and now The Treehouse. Weekly levels are now active, and you can still download other users’ levels and create your own custom and thought-provoking levels with the level creator.

While our Amazing Alex App Video Review was cut when the game first came out, I re-downloaded the game today and it plays “smooth as butter,” the same way you will see it in the video. This game is not original to Rovio Mobile, it was released by another developer a little over a year ago on the iOS platform and called Casey’s Contraptions. Either way, Amazing Alex is a hit on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android platform offering a thinking puzzler game with a tremendous amount of gameplay for a value price of $0.99.

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