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Amazing Shape Shifters HD – Tricky Physics Puzzler

Amazing Shape Shifters HD is a unique physics-based puzzle game that will challenge you through the 4 different planets filled with 72 levels, and a user-based level creator tool that lets you customize the “shape shifting” fun. With so many physics-based puzzle games out there for the iPad, you may think you’ve seen them all — you’re wrong. This iPad physics-based puzzle game uses a unique concept: shape shifting heroes, platform grades, and other items to challenge your puzzle abilities as you work to get rid of all the green alien pirate enemies. Your heroes are the Shape Shifters, creatures that can transform their shapes to be either square or circle.

Each level or mission requires users to figure out the right solution by changing the shape of the Shape Shifters correctly to move them into their enemies — knocking them off platforms. However, you cannot let a Shape Shifter fall off any platform or you will have to start that level over. As you progress through each planet’s 18 levels you will find in each new world an item is added to make the puzzle solving more difficult (such as teeter totter wood beams, ice, etc). Typically, the platforms are not entirely flat giving at least one of your Shape Shifters a chance to gain some speed (when round) and momentum to knock the green enemy off the platform. Just a FYI: the enemies can also be of 2 shapes, both round and square, and will that much more difficult to remove when square shaped for obvious reasons. This game does not end with the current 72 included levels, but continues to give some more with a user-based level creator/generator that allows users to create and play other user-created levels. These are kept in a queue inside the game where you can both create and play these custom levels.

ipad video app demoipad video app demo

I found this game to be an excellent physics-based puzzle game for the iPad and definitely different than anything else that I have played. Amazing Shape Shifters HD is on par with some bigger puzzle games like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, although, I think this game’s puzzles are not as easy to complete, which may make this game more of a challenge than the above mentioned big titles. During the times when the game is difficult, you can buy a solution using in app earned crystals (nice on the pocket book) to get a video rewind of the solution troubling you. A few other features worth mentioning are the video replay of each level and the replay value of playing a level you may not have earned all the crystals for. The other worlds are opened after earning a set number of crystals or you can use your earned crystals to unlock them early — you have to earn the crystals first. Amazing Shape Shifters HD is a uniquely fun yet challenging iPad physics puzzler — and if you want to try this game for free, download Amazing Shape Shifters HD Lite and test drive the app before you purchase. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for this iPad game for a complete look at this application.
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Amazing Shape Shifter iPad App Details

Title: Amazing Shape Shifter
Price: $0.99
Size: 19.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Nevosoft
Store: iTunes App Store

Amazing Shape Shifter iPad App Download Link

Amazing Shape Shifters HD - Nevosoft

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Amazing Shape Shifter iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

One day the planet of Shape Shifters was attacked by space pirates, who stole the planet’s vital crystals – one of the most powerful sources of energy in the universe! The aliens thought they were just taking precious gems, however the Shape Shifters’ planet will die without the essential energy of the crystals. The desperate inhabitants of the planet raced after the pirates and now need to defeat them on a number of different planets to collect the crystals they need to save their planet.

Use the Shape Shifters’ transformative ability defeat the green alien robbers and save life on their planet.

Travel to other planets in the galaxy including Zozo, Pikuz, Tanka, Borbo. Each planet contains 18 exciting levels. Each new planet offers more complicated tasks and new elements of gameplay. Use logic and strategy to defeat the pirates and save their planet.

– 18 planetary missions
– Fun and interesting physics-based gameplay
– Unique transformative abilities of the characters
– Open new planets and collect crystals for power
– Each planet increases in difficulty and offers new gameplay elements
– Easy-to-use level editor to make your own levels

Go from planet to planet in order to defeat the space pirates and save the Shape Shifters from extinction!

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