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American Independence : 4th July App – Great Variety of Content

The American Independence : 4th July app delivers a nice variety of patriotic content in the form of quotes, wallpapers, our National Anthem, Declaration of Independence document, and presidential biographies on all 44 presidents.

American Independence : 4th July


The American Independence : 4th July app may not have great graphics overall,  but this free iPhone app does make up for it with a smooth working user interface, a potpourri of good content, and no ads.  This iPhone Education app groups content into the following categories:  America National Anthem, President Information, Declaration of Independence, Patriotic Quotes, and Wallpapers.

Our National Anthem (“The Star Spangled Banner”) also comes in this 4th of July app. And if you don’t know all the words, you’re in luck because you can read them on your iPhone screen. You can also sing along with the words as you listen to a recorded instrumental version of the song. If you’re interested in reading the foundational document establishing our freedom and independence on July 4, 1776, take a few minutes to read the Declaration of Independence. You’ll also discover the names of all the signers from the 13 original colonies.

American Independence : 4th July


All 44 presidents are listed in the Education app. Each president is nicely listed in chronological order showing the years in office, political party name, as well as a photo and interesting biography.   The American Independence : 4th July app has a handful of worthy quotes from American presidents, politicians, writers and more to inspire a sense of patriotism. And for some patriotic eye candy, this app includes approximately 20 wallpaper images of varying quality. These wallpapers range from cartoon images to photos of American landmarks and symbols.

Overall, the American Independence : 4th July app is a decent app that puts America’s past and present history at your fingertips. And as we gather with friends, family and fellow Americans to celebrate our Independence Day this July 4th, this is a great time let our red, white and blue knowledge shine through.

American Independence : 4th July


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