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Amusing, Imaginative Kids’ First Vehicles App

(Now with updated video 02/16/12) My First App Vehicles (by appp media) is a colorful and interactive picture application that introduces young kids to a variety of vehicles through 3 amusing and animated game activities. I have looked at a variety of kids’ iPad apps and some really speak to my inner child, and this is one of those apps. The original artwork and animations are great, having a whimsical and pleasing quality that allowed my imagination to kick into overdrive as I became engaged in the 3 activities that this application offers; mind you this iOS Universal game app was designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Each activity in this vehicle-themed app introduces children to various types of vehicles from cars, trucks, to even spaceships.

My First App Vehicles iPad Kids Game App ReviewsMy First App Vehicles iPad Kids Game App Reviews

The first activity is a puzzle activity, which can consist of 2 puzzle pieces up to 9, and allows for either rotating piece movement or non-rotating piece movement (the child can choose). The rotating puzzle piece movement focuses on helping kids learn and develop their fine motor skills, as kids will have to use a couple of fingers to rotate the puzzle pieces when putting them into place. Once each puzzle is correctly completed, a fun horn-tooting clown pops up onto the screen confirming the puzzle builder’s success. The second activity is a matching vehicle activity where there are 2 sliders, each with half a vehicle (front or back) that are moved up or down. Once the 2 correct pieces are matched, a groovy eye-popping animation occurs sure to grab the child’s attention and imagination. The third activity is a pinball-type game where the player uses the technology of the accelerometer to help move a pinball into 1 of 3 holes in a vehicle image. Once a pinball drops into a hole, an animation occurs creating interesting movement in each picture; it’s definitely entertaining. Beyond the engaging and colorful vehicle activities, the developers (appp media) did a great job creating a very friendly child-user interface. There are limited buttons (and links) to prevent children from getting lost or from going out of an activity easily; as well as having simple pictures to self-guide around the application. My First Apps Vehicles is an amusing and entertaining book with a lot of good reasons that make this app an easy download. Check out our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

My First App Vehicles iPad App Details

Title: My First App Vehicles
Price: $1.99
Size: 19.1 MB
Category: Games
Developer: appp media
Store: iTunes App Store

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My First App Vehicles - appp media

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My First App Vehicles iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
*** My First App Vehicles features whimsical graphics and plenty of colorful vehicles… great for younger players… ***

***… i am constantly on the hunt for apps that are nicely designed and stimulating. it comes as no surprise that my first app vehicles is designed in germany with delightfully quirky illustrations and a simple design. the app features tractors, police cars, trucks, horse carriages, spaceships and more! there are puzzles, mix-and-match and a handheld pinball game for little boys to explore.***

***… an app for young children that will test and hone their visual skills through the puzzle, matching, and pinball sub-games. The colorful illustrations, bonus animations, and three sub games all boost the replayability of the app. My First App Vehicles is a game app designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers which features different vehicles as the main theme of the visuals. There are three different sub-games within the game. The first is a puzzle game wherein a picture of a vehicle is shown then broken up into 4 pieces which the child must piece back together like a puzzle. The second game is matching game wherein the child must match the front of the vehicle with the appropriate back by swiping through the options available. The third game is a pinball type game wherein the child must roll the ball into one of the three holes by tilting the device. What iHeartThisApp Liked: This is a very simple and straight forward app that young children will surely enjoy. There is no reading skill requirement because everything, even the buttons, is represented with pictures or logos. The colorful pictures and bonus animations for getting the game right will surely be a hit with the children! ***

Three great games are featuring lots of vehicles (police car, truck, horse carriage, loader… ) in awesome pictures. No language skills are required. Navigate the app by selecting symbols – even preschool children can play without help.

Choose your favorite vehicle. Choose the level of difficulty that is right for you. The default setting is 4 pieces – in our opinion, this is ideal for preschool aged children. Drag the puzzle pieces with your finger and rotate them with two fingers.

Turning Game:
Which two pieces go together? Build your vehicle by matching the front and back. Can you find the match? Turn the pages, find a match and watch your vehicle move!

Choose your favorite vehicle.
Hold your iPhone in your hand and move it carefully. Watch the ball as you direct it into one of the holes.

Special Features:
No advertising, no links, no hidden programs
Designed for preschool children.
Full of fun animations and surprises.
Easy to navigate by using symbols.
Sound settings can be turned on or off.

appp media is a member of – Moms with Apps -, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7
Categories: Early Learning, Matching, Games

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– Upgrade to Universal App
– optimized for iPad

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