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ABC Spy (by Stealth Education) is a unique alphabet learning experience that builds creativity and independence in young children through a fun iSPY photo-taking and filmmaking process. This kids’ iPhone game (education) app has a really simple user interface that appears to be specifically designed with young kids (4-8) in mind — there are not a lot of rabbit trails for kids to wander off onto and get lost. The main avenue for taking them into the fun and learning activities is accessed by tapping on the magnifying glass in the center of the home screen. This transports the user into a carousel of all the alphabet letters. A child can interact with any letter by tapping on it, and once he or she does, this is where the real engagement and creative learning begins. Your child can add images that begin with the letter of the alphabet selected, put a custom frame around each, and then type in the word text before saving to his/her very own ABC Spy album. Images can be taken from within the app using the camera, selected from the photo library/stream, or from one of the images provided in the application.

ABC Spy iPhone Kids Education App ReviewABC Spy iPhone Kids Education App Review

Furthermore, once your child is done with adding photos, he or she can share the ABC Spy album by selecting the video button from the home screen. The application then creates a short video with each of the letters added (photo to music) and saves to your iPhone’s camera roll. A very cool thing about the concept of this app is that it doesn’t just introduce the alphabet, it really draws the child into the participation of the learning process by encouraging him or her to think of images that begin with the different letters in the alphabet, and by having the child come up with a solution, this creates a bigger and longer-lasting learning experience, not to mention that it fosters creativity and independence through the discovery process. ABC Spy is based on the idea of the iSpy game, where kids look for items, and in this case it is self-driven, sort of by the letter selected. ABC Spy is a great alphabet learning application for kids with a super intuitive user interface, plenty of trophies to win for reaching certain benchmarks, and a long-lasting ABC impression through the fun photo and filmmaking process.
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ABC Spy iPhone App Details

Title: ABC Spy
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 24.3 MB
Developer: Stealth Education
Store: iTunes App Store

ABC Spy iPhone App Download Link

ABC Spy - Stealth Education

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ABC Spy iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
50% DISCOUNT FOR LIMITED PERIOD. Creative, playful learning for 4-8 year olds. Please see our website for video and expert reviews. Take a photo, choose a frame, give it a name. Then make a movie of all your photos to share with friends and family.

ABC Spy challenges children to create their own ABC experience by taking photos of objects in their world for each letter of the alphabet. Kids love playing ABC Spy and, best of all, they’re learning all the time!

We call ABC Spy an activity app because as well as using some of the great features on your iPhone, kids also have to get active – thinking, discovering and solving problems in the world around them. While your child is having great fun playing, they’re also getting a powerful, creative learning experience.

ABC Spy combines the eternally popular I Spy game with learning the alphabet and spelling simple words in a fantastically fun new game for young children.

ABC Spy challenges children to create their own ABC by taking photos of objects in the world around them for each letter of the alphabet. ‘Simon Spider’ helps with handy hints – “Can you think of something nice to eat that begins with A?” – and if they get stuck they can always choose one of the photos provided in the app.

After choosing a frame, the child uses our easy to use editor to get the photo looking just how they want it. Trophies are awarded for achievements, and a the in-app stats screen tells you how they’re doing and how long they’ve been playing.

The most exciting part comes when they’re ready to share their work – tap the ‘Make a film’ button to generate a movie that can be shared with friends and family and even put on YouTube. Just wait till you see the look of pride on their face when their work is online for everyone to see!

ABC Spy is about

• Playful, creative learning – this is GREAT FUN!
• Exploring – taking a closer look at the world through a literacy lens
• Dialogue – talking with your child about what they’re thinking and doing
• Choice – letting your child direct their own learning
• Pride – children enjoying their achievements and sharing their work

As each letter gets filled with photos, it also becomes a record of the things and people that really matter to you and your child.


• Beautiful, intuitive design and fantastic audio
• Easy to use photo editor
• Handy hints from Simon Spider
• Trophies for achievements
• ‘Make a film’ feature captures child’s work in easy to share video
• Stats for parents to show progress and time spent playing

ABC Spy has been developed with the input of internationally respected education, childhood development and gaming experts. Here’s what they say about it:

“ABC Spy puts a creative tool in the hands of the child and allows the adults to get out of the way. It gives the child choice – an opportunity to be creative; they’re directing their own learning.”

Prof Mark Alter, Professor of Educational Psychology, New York University

“ABC Spy brings the ABC book format to the YouTube generation. It gives kids the freedom to create their own visual alphabet by enabling them to add their own content. The game element is fun, relevant, and to my mind likely to achieve a more engaged learning experience.”

Ian Livingstone OBE, Life President Eidos

“ABC Spy has the potential to create rich opportunities for dialogue between a child and their parent or teacher; it allows the child to lead, focuses on their world and makes reading relevant and engaging… the ‘show and tell’ aspect is very compelling, and made all the more powerful with the ‘Make a film’ element’.”

Teresa Cremin, Professor of Education (Literacy) The Open University, Director of Educational Studies Research Cluster, CREET. Joint co-ordinator of British Educational Research Association (BERA) Creativity in Education SIG

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