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An Alien Annihilation-Intense Space Shooter!

An Alien Annihilation (by Heli App) for the iPhone and iPad is an intense space-shooter with a mix of the classic Galaga and Space Invaders gameplay, but this game’s unique personality leaves its own mark on the galaxy. Its indie space-shooter style is a great example of how classic games are still fun and relevant today. An Alien Annihilation has simple appeal and features either a virtual joystick or relative touch controls, as well a tap-to-shoot control that can be switched from the left to right side, as well as vice versa.

Your threats are various colored space enemies, but some look a bit too friendly — like the large dragonflies, but since all want to kill you, it’s not that hard to annihilate them. There are only 24 levels currently, made up of numerous waves for each level that expectedly get more difficult as you progress deeper into the game. A nice little touch in this game is that the developer allows you to start at any level you want using a slider to determine what level to begin on.

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This game makes its own mark with the awesome rock music soundtrack, graphics, and aggressive old-school style enemies that either shoot or try to crash into you ala Galaga style screen entry and Space Invader movement. This game is an easy download, whether at $0.99, which was the original sale price — or if your smart, you’ll grab it now while it’s free. An Alien Annihilation is a very nice indie game that makes me desire 25, 50, or more levels of intense space-shooting gameplay that honestly brings back great memories for an older guy like me. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

An Alien Annihilation iPhone App Details

Title: An Alien Annihilation
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 41.4 MB
Developer: Heli Apps
Store: iTunes App Store

An Alien Annihilation iPhone App Download Link

An Alien Annihilation - Heli Apps

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An Alien Annihilation iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

A no holds barred alien kicking retro blastfest inspired by Galaga, but refreshed for iOS.

Features :

– Spectacular particle effects
– Awesome power ups and upgrades
– Game center support, leaderboard and achievements
– Universal app – play on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
– Configurable controls
– Extra levels coming soon. Please show your support by rating this game

Race through space, destroying enemy spaceships with a variety of weapons. Make your way to the enemy Power Core and destroy it, saving civilisation and our way of life … for now !

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What’s new
– Rescaled to look better, especially on iPad.
– Ten New levels, new bosses.
– More special effects and bling.
– Cool new weapon upgrades.
– Awesome new background music.
– New relative touch control scheme.

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