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Anatomy App – Whack A Bone – Bone Learning Game

The Whack A Bone anatomy app is a fun way to learn a dull subject. This iPad anatomy app (by Media Saint) turns the boring process of learning the human skeletal structure into an interesting and fun game that really helps you learn the proper bone names and placement. Another nice feature about Whack A Bone is that it was originally designed by a science and physical education teacher, which helps to validate its overall academic merit. This anatomy app is a great Education resource for the beginner and features a fun pirate theme throughout the app with cartoon graphics, animations, and sounds. Not to mention a rather demanding parrot as your learning guide.

Whack A bone teaches the human skeletal structure through 2 simple game style methods: drag and drop and tap to recall gameplay. Each game mode focuses on a specific body area before all coming together in the final learning level. The objective in this iPad anatomy app is to properly identify the bones (when spoken by the parrot) and to place each bone in its correct location as fast as you can. Each level is timed allowing you to hone your anatomy skills. Each level can also be played again to beat your best time. Successful completion earns you medals and allows you to move on to the next learning mode. There are 4 learning modes in the Whack A Bone iPad anatomy app: Core, Arm, Leg, and Harold.

Since there is a structured learning process in this anatomy app, you must start in the Core learning mode. This mode covers the skeletal trunk with bones like: sternum, ribs, lumbar vertebrae, and more. In the Core game mode, you’ll start with a wrinkled brown paper map and a skeleton shadow representing your puzzle to complete. The proper bone names and locations are also written on the map (around the shadow form). You’ll also see additional bone related text and the bone puzzle piece you need to find a home for.



The name of the bone (puzzle piece) is squawked at you from the pirate’s parrot, which is seen perched on the ship’s wheel. It’s your job to drag and properly place the bone onto the skeleton shadow (in the first part of this level). In the second part, it’s a tap to locate method. What’s nice about this anatomy app is that the developer also provides helpful, but simple information that you can read. Reading the bone description provides additional clues to help you locate each bone’s correct spot. You’ll see the Proper bone name, Common name, Bone type and a description for the bone’s location, purpose and function. There are also obvious visual clues like the pulsating bone parts that light up and show you where the bone goes.

All 3 bone game modes (Core, Arm, Leg) follow the same 2 part learning method. Then you go into “Harold” mode, which is different from the rest. I’m assuming Harold is the parrot’s dead owner. In this mode, Harold is completely put together. The parrot calls out the bone name (which is also listed on a wooden sign) and you have tap the bone location as quickly as you can because the time is moving fast. But don’t crack under the pressure because if you delay long enough, the bone location starts blinking to show you where it goes.

I actually found this anatomy app very useful and I was amazed at how fast I was able to recall the different body parts after playing a short time. However, I have to admit that the parrot got a little annoying, but what talking parrot doesn’t? I think kids of all ages will find this iPad game to be a more interesting and effective way to learn bone anatomy. Much better than staring at a page in a science book.  The Whack A Bone anatomy app is a simple and engaging way to learn which bone is connected to which.

If you’d like to try out this fun anatomy app for free, there are a few promo codes below. We’d love to hear what you and your kids think of the Whack A Bone iPad app. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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