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And So You Were Born (by Twin Peacocks Publishing) is a unique interactive storybook about character building and includes several opportunities to personalize this book for your child through text and video recordings. But this book offers more than just a story because it also comes with some fun extras (games/drawing/painting). The goal of And So You Were Born is to build character through a positive and affirming story that puts the focus of importance on the child and a faith-based message. The faith is not specific and can be customized in the settings area with an audio or video recording (device dependent). You’ll also find that there are a lot of fun interactions on each and every page of this iPad kids’ book, which really highlights the touch technology (as well as use of the accelerometer) of the iPad.

And So You Were Born Kids iPad App ReviewAnd So You Were Born Kids iPad App Review

There are lots of things to touch and explore like: stars, rain (you can change the pattern force), fog (can wipe away on the screen), more stars that fall, and etc. Stars seem to be everywhere and a special star can be found in the bedroom (on the page with the praying parents) that will provide the opportunity for you to create a faith-based video or audio recording of your choice. For further personalization, there is a place in the settings that allows for a child’s name and for family/friend information to be entered. There is a puzzle game, which features puzzles from each of the pages in the book, as well as a matching game that includes the different characters from the book such as elephants, frogs and the like — and other entertaining activities. And So You Were Born is truly a quality kids’ story that offers much more than expected.

And So You Were Born iPad App Details

Title: And So You Were Born
Price: $3.99
Size: 192.3 MB
Category: Books
Developer: Twin Peacocks Publishing
Store: iTunes App Store

And So You Were Born iPad App Download Link

And So You Were Born - Twin Peacocks Publishing

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iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
As seen in theaters SOON in a film highlighting the app’s character-building qualities!

★ “An imaginative, touching app” and 4 stars for “COOLness” – ★

Who said subliminal messages are a bad thing?! This groundbreaking app will send a positive one to your little ones, encouraging them to be like shining stars in their world, while giving YOU the opportunity to be a part of the message. A win-win!

Not just any book app, but a first-of-its kind. Introducing to you personalization features not yet experienced elsewhere… “And So You Were Born” showcases unique capabilities such as the opportunity to record a reading of several writings on VIDEO – particularly useful for working parents and loved ones who are unable to read to the child whenever they’d like – to then be played on the child’s tap of the screen to their surprise! Taking personalization to another level, the book app offers the option to INPUT PERSONAL DETAILS into the text, giving little ones the joy of spotting their name and personal details as they read along.

Heartwarming text and colorful, whimsical illustrations and animations hold the reader’s interest as they learn of the great love that exists for them and about the purpose of spreading that love in return – and to all others as we unite in our diversities – lessons presented with intercultural images and a relevant short quote from major faith traditions. All the while, and without even realizing it, the reader’s goodness will be encouraged and cheered!

Features include:
Loads of opportunity for personalization, including:
• VIDEO record readings of 7 quotes for the child to view on a tap of the screen!*
• Provide READER’S DETAILS, including name and birthday, and names of loved ones, for insertion in the text.
• EMBED the reader’s drawing on a screen of the book.

Interactive features for extended involvement with the app:
• ACCELEROMETER offers the reader opportunity to cause stars to fall and move with tilting of the device.
• Innovative EFFECTS like wiping fog off the screen, causing rain to fall at different levels of intensity against the screen, and blowing into the mic to make objects move.
• Delightful and charming images and ANIMATIONS to entertain and amuse your child for plenty of time, including: touch, drag or swipe capability to activate animations and sounds like giggling, twinkling, swaying, bursting and more!
• Entertaining sound effects.

Educational elements:
• Adoring and SYMBOLIC illustrations inspired by principles of love, devotion and unity, allowing for meaningful discussions with your child during reading time.
• Reader may read alone, or choose to read with pre-recorded NARRATION.
• ACTIVITIES AND GAMES, including memory matching, puzzles and coloring.

(* Hint: Tap the stars outside the bedroom window! For devices without video capability, voice will be recorded in its place.)

For screenshots and videos, contests, and the latest news on the app and the forthcoming printed book, please visit:

— Facebook (
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We hope to see you and your little one somewhere there, or somewhere lighting up your worlds!

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