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This Android Brain Training App May Improve Your Memory? (Video)

The new Familiar Faces game is an Android brain training app that will test your ability to recognize faces. This free Android face recognition game challenges you through 4 game packs and 60 overall levels to see how well you know your friends, celebrity and other famous peoples’ faces!

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While Familiar Faces may seem like a simple Android brain training app, it will challenge your face recognition ability. Our ability to recognize faces actually comes from a specific part of the brain, so the more you play Familiar Faces the more you exercise your brain!

Each level is comprised of a series of either faces or partial face features like eyes, mouths, noses, and etc. Your goal is to guess the correct face based on the puzzle game pack you are playing in. You get 1 game pack for free (World Celebrities) and you can create another game pack by connecting to Facebook. Once you are connected to Facebook, your friends’ profile pictures are downloaded and placed into a new game pack. Now you have a chance to really see how well you know your Facebook friends’ faces.

There are 2 additional game packs, Celebrity Faces and Friends TV Show Faces, that can be unlocked for $0.99 or after 7 days they will become unlocked automatically.

Familiar Faces is a simple, yet challenging game that will put your brain to the test as you quickly try to guess the correct faces in each puzzle game pack!

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