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Release The Ninja – Free, Action-Packed Android Platform Game (Video)

If you are looking for a fun and action-packed Android platform game, then Release the Ninja would be an excellent choice. This free Arcade & Action app features plenty of wall climbing, ninja slicing and puzzle gameplay throughout 60+ levels.

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In each level you need to gather all the blue diamonds, scrolls, and kill as many enemies as you can. But, you have a limited amount of time, so you have to hurry. There are one way floors, teleport portals, and other obstacles you will have to figure out to meet each level’s objectives in the short amount of time given. There are power-ups that can be unlocked before each new level, but you will have to have some coins to do so. Coins are earned by successful gameplay or you can purchase them through in-app purchase. I easily played up to level 9, unlocking almost all power-ups on the way without spending a penny.

Tip – if you are finding the controls weird: stop, drop and roll – just kidding, but seriously stop playing. Your ninja moves with a swipe in any direction and continues to move, so you do not need to keep swiping. Climbing walls also has a subtle control, you will have to figure out the correct balance to do so, but once you do this game is a blast to play.

Release the Ninja is a fantastic Android platform game and is also available for the iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire devices! To see how this game looks and plays, watch our Android App Video Review!

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