Pushbullet, An Awesome And Free Android Push Notification App

PushBullet is a free and newly updated Android push notification app. It also happens to be one of the coolest Android or iOS apps I have come across in a while. This Android Productivity app works with Chrome and Firefox allowing you to get all your Android push notifications on your computer. But, this little powerhouse app does more than that. You can also push from your computer using the Chrome or Firefox extensions to your Android device. And what makes this app all that much better is the ability to push files, links, lists, addresses, and notes back and forth to your heart’s content.

Android Push Notification App PushBullet Review

I have long desired to have the functionality that would allow me to easily and quickly get information off my Galaxy S4 and onto my computer, and vice versa. But, most file uploader/downloader apps are not very good. And the only solution I could find to do quick file transfers was to email myself. I would email files from my computer to my phone or from my phone to the computer, which is a bit of a hassle. But while testing the PushBullet app out, I found file transfers and pushes in general to be super duper fast!

One caveat, you will need to download the free Chrome or Firefox PushBullet extension and sign up for a free account using a Gmail account (required). For most Android users, this is not a big deal. And I will have to say, PushBullet is very reasonable with the access they want to your device or computer.

PushBullet Android Push Notification App

PushBullet’s “mantra” or belief is that pushing everything to your push notification queue on your Android is the best way to access files, lists or whatever you pushed. No more searching for files that you’ve saved on your Android. With this cool Android app, all files are automatically downloaded to your Android push notification area. As an added bonus, you can push files, lists, images, or whatever to any other PushBullet user. This is a great way to share stuff quickly from your Android device or from your computer with friends. And yes, your friends will need to get the PushBullet app, which is currently only available on the Android OS platform.

PushBullet Android App Review

There are many other interesting features to find in this awesome app. So do yourself a favor and grab this Android app now. It’s a simple, yet very powerful Android push notification app that you won’t want to be without!

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