Android Security App – AirCover Security Has You Covered!

The new Android Security App, AirCover Security, provides a variety of security coverage for your Android device. This new Android security app covers you in the areas of Anti-Virus, Anti-theft, Web protection, and more! And the best part is that this app has both free and premium features offering a wide range of affordable security coverage.

Android Security App


As mobile phones continue to become the main “data center” for people, attacks will become more prevalent on these devices. The attacks can be in the form of viruses, suspicious links, physical theft, and even privacy issues with apps purchases from an app store. AirCover Security takes all of these attacks into consideration in their new Android security app. This app provides free anti-virus, web protection, and theft protection (which allows you to locate your phone if missing).

Premium features include a slick intruder alert with photo snapping and remote locking, privacy advisor, block calls, and block SMS, among other features. Some of the features require signing up for a free MyAirCover account at their website You can backup your contacts using this feature and, as previously mentioned, locate your Android phone using GPS for free. But, there are also premium features with this Android security app allowing for remote data wiping on your Android device, as well as remote device locking.

Android Security App


The premium AirCover Security features require a subscription, but for 1 whole year it will only cost you $11.95.

AirCover Security is a comprehensive Android security app with many free features and some very powerful premium features. You can see all the AirCover Security app features below, both free and paid.

Android Security App


Android Security App – AirCover Security Features

One-touch checkup: protects your device from viruses, malware, spyware, and suspicious app.

– Custom scan: scans every installed app & checks your device’s security status.
– Real-time protection: scan downloaded files and newly installed apps to protect your device.
– Update database: make sure you are protected from the latest threats by downloading the latest virus database update.

Web Protection
– Account protection: AirCover web shield protects you from phishing, fraud, harmful sites and malware to ensure the safe of all your mobile account and browsing.
– Financial protection: provides full protection when using payment or banking apps, or when entering payment web pages.

– Locate your phone: find the location of your lost or stolen phone form
– Backup contacts: ensures you don’t lose any important contacts even the phone is missing.
– Sound an alarm: you can sound a loud alarm on the missing phone upon command and make it easier to find.

Premium features:
– Intruder alert: once activated by remotely locking your lost phone, it will snap a photo to identify who is holding your missing phone and attempting to break in.
– Delete your data: completely wipe all the private data stored on your lost phone, including pictures, texts, contacts, call history, account info, and more.
– Monitor your SIM card: get an email when there is an SIM card change on your phone.

Privacy Advisor
– AD detector: monitors apps with annoying ads and uninstall unwanted apps forever.
– App privacy list: scans and displays all apps that access your personal information, such as personal data, contacts, locations, and SMS.
– Anti-Surveillance: protects your calls from being monitored and eavesdropped (premium).

– Speed up: ensures your Android phone is running at top speed by closing apps/killing tasks that run in the background and cleaning your history/app cache/junk files.
– Optimization shortcut: allows you to speed up your device by simply tapping its shortcut one the desktop instead of entering the app.

Call & SMS Blocker
– Block spam SMS and harassing calls, protect you against unwanted calls & texts.

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Android Security App
Android Security App



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