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Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Best Android FPS Shooter Game

The Android FPS shooter game Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour is by far the best FPS on the Android platform. This game plays superbly on the Galaxy Nexus, features fresh new campaign game levels, and a much more challenging multi-player game mode. Apparently, Gameloft seems to have gotten the recipe right for their Android shooter games like Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour. Previous titles like Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and N.O.V.A 3 (while great games) have not had the game speed that I’ve found Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour to have. I am guessing it has mostly to do with the Havok game engine, either way, this is truly the best Android shooter game I have played to date.

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We checked out Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour on the iPad, and it would also be my current choice as the best first person shooter app for the iOS platform. This game is truly the first Android FPS that actually performed as well as an iOS game, that is saying a lot since this has been one of the larger issues with games on the Android platform. Regardless of what Android device you play this on, most likely you will have an awesome playing experience.

One negative for this game is that the multiplayer game mode is not cross platform for Gameloft Live. This is obviously a server-based decision or maybe something deeper. You have to earn everything based on platform, which is kind of unfortunate, hopefully they will change this in the future, either way, Moder Combat 4 Zero Hour is great!

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour is a great piece of work by Gameloft for the Android platform and is well worth the $6.00 price tag.


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