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Android Word Game: Ruzzle Free Online Social Game (video)

The Android word game called Ruzzle Free is a fast paced, social-online-cross-platform-multi-player word game where you play through 3, 2 minute rounds making as many words as you can to score the most points and win. Ruzzle Free is obviously another “Words with Friends” style word game, but without the polished user interface. Your choices for game opponents can be contacts, Facebook Friends or Random Opponents, random opponents worked best for me when trying to get a game going. Trying to connect using Friends provided just a blank blue screen (weird), Facebook Login is a bit buggy, but works after you get it figured out. I found that the random opponent matchmaking was the easiest way to get a game going.

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The games are fairly quick and while not real-time, they can be played quickly or over a period of time depending how much time you or your opponent use to take your turn. There is a practice mode where you can hone your skills before entering the online world of Ruzzle Free, and there is also a premium Ruzzle Android word game (Google Play Link) that costs $1.99 — and is also available for the iPhone.



Overall, Ruzzle Free is a decent to good online social Android word game that features multiplayer word gaming without a fancy user interface, but the Android version was a little buggy, specifically the Facebook connect process.


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