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Android Zombie Game – Zombie Terminator – Mediocre (Video)

The Android zombie game, Zombie Terminator features several game modes, lots of zombies, and appears to get its roots from Zombieville USA. I love a good shooter game; and this Android zombie game is decent, but not quite there. Zombie Terminator is very much like Zombieville USA. You’re the last one left alive in a world overrun by zombies and your goal is to kill anything that moves.

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There are several different game modes in this Android zombie game: stationary shooter levels, boss battle levels, distance, and task levels to name a few. You start off with a stock pistol and a wrench. You will need to stop at the gun shop to buy bullets for any gun you pack while playing this game. The mediocre part of this game is that it was just too easy in the beginning, which is really surprising since it is a “freemium” game. I quickly played through several levels (easy breezy), until I got the chance to take on a boss, which I lost in about 5 or 6 seconds. There are 4 different worlds in this Android zombie game and you pick the type of game mode you want to play throughout. You do not always get a chance at the boss battle level, but when you do, I suggest you have some heavy firepower that has been upgraded.


While I did not spend any cash on this game, I was able to earn quite a bit through the somewhat boring gameplay. The moral of the story is that you can earn cash with repetitive gameplay to get into the harder gameplay or spend some money and get into the more challenging, harder action quicker. You can also earn cash by playing the slot machine in this game. This has become an increasingly popular revenue machine for freemium games. I guess developers figure if you’re not going to buy cash, why not give you a chance to lose the cash you earn through gameplay while trying to win more, greedy.

Zombie Teminator is a decent Android zombie game, with several types of shooter and action gameplay, lots of zombies to kill, weapons to wield, but is a bit stale on the front end and resembles Zombieville USA a bit too much.

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