Awesome iPad Game – Batman Arkham City Lockdown (Video)

The "Cape Crusader" continues to live on in an awesome Fighting Game on the iPhone called Batman Arkham City Lockdown. This game features Batman fighting off numerous notorious foes like Penguin, the Joker, Two Face, and their cronies who have escaped from the Arkham mental … [Read more...]

Iron Man 3 Game – Flying Temple Run On Steroids (Video)

The Iron Man 3 game is like playing flying Temple Run on steroids, if that game existed. Iron Man 3 features intense endless flying gameplay, 4 epic villains, and plenty of Iron Man armors to unlock. … [Read more...]

Injustice Gods Among Us, Stellar 3 on 3 Fighting Game! (Video)

Batman, Superman, and Nightwing, they're all in the Injustice Gods Among Us game, an awesome 3 on 3, DC heroes and villains smackdown fighter game. … [Read more...]

Funny Facts Free 8000+, Free for Android

You can find lots of interesting facts for free on your Android with Funny Facts Free 8000+. This free Android Comics app is full of "stupid to profound" information, and includes jokes, quotes, statistics -- and more. There is nothing special about this app, even down to … [Read more...]