Amazing Must Have Android App – Swiftkey Keyboard, Best Android Keyboard App! (Video)

The SwiftKey Keyboard app is an amazing Productivity app for Android users, and is sure to improve your daily typing or data inputting when using an Android device. Seriously, SwiftKey Keyboard is by far one of the best Android keyboard apps that I have ever used. And if you … [Read more...]

DU Battery Saver, The Best Android Battery Saver App! (Video)

The free DU Battery Saver and Widgets app is the best Android battery saver app currently available in the Google Play App Store. DU Battery Saver Android App Video!- SUBSCRIBE>>   DU Battery Saver & Widgets Android Video YouTube Link App … [Read more...]

Pushbullet, An Awesome And Free Android Push Notification App

PushBullet is a free and newly updated Android push notification app. It also happens to be one of the coolest Android or iOS apps I have come across in a while. This Android Productivity app works with Chrome and Firefox allowing you to get all your Android push … [Read more...]

This Free Android Parcel Tracking App Tracks 100+ Delivery Services!

Need an all-in-one parcel tracking app that can track packages for over 100 different delivery services? If so, the new Parcelle Android app is your free "go to" app to download for easy tracking of all your local and international packages.   This free parcel … [Read more...]

Clean Master – Want Your Android To Work Better? (Video)

Want your Android to work better? Then Clean Master (Cleaner) - Free, by KS Mobile, has got you covered. Clean Master is a top-ranking free Android tools app that is super sexy, easy to use, and very efficient. Watch the Clean Master Android App Review … [Read more...]

Android Security App – AirCover Security Has You Covered!

The new Android Security App, AirCover Security, provides a variety of security coverage for your Android device. This new Android security app covers you in the areas of Anti-Virus, Anti-theft, Web protection, and more! And the best part is that this app has both free and … [Read more...]

TypeSmart Keyboard FREE – Empowered By Your Android!

TypeSmart Keyboard FREE (by Comet Apps) is an advanced replacement keyboard app for your Android and provides a ton of amazing features to simplify and empower your written communication. If you are one of those people that has to have the best of everything, then … [Read more...]

Evernote….Swiss Army Knife Productivity App for Almost Every Platform!

Evernote is the "Swiss Army" knife productivity app for the Android and so many other platforms (iOS, Mac, PC, Blackberry, Palm Web OS, Web, and Windows Mobile). Evernote has a lot of different functions, but primarily will help you stay organized in your busy world while … [Read more...]

Killer Android OS App Killer….Advanced Task Killer

Being both an Android user as well as an iOS user I find that the biggest issue with my Droid X is the battery life. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon issue for most Android users. A great way to increase your battery life, albeit manually for the most part is by using … [Read more...]