Battery Saver 2 – Free, Easy Android Battery Optimization App!

Battery Saver 2 is a free Android battery saver app that is super easy to use and includes plenty of awesome features like simple memory optimization, customizable settings, different sleep modes, an app uninstaller, and more! Recently updated, Battery Saver 2 now makes … [Read more...]

The Cleaner, Free Android System Cleaner That’ll Keep Your Android Purring!

The Cleaner – Speed Up & Clean is an easy-to-use Android system cleaner app that features quick tap-to-clean RAM speed up, storage maintenance, widgets and more. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to free up RAM on your Android, then The Cleaner - Speed up and Clean … [Read more...]

Battery Doctor App, Awesome Free Android Battery Saver (Video)

The Battery Doctor app is a great battery saver for your Android. This free application is a killer power management app with an insane amount of features. Watch the App Video Review Now! YouTube App Video Review Link: Battery Doctor (Battery … [Read more...]

Auto Memory Manager – Want More Android Memory?

The Auto Memory Manager frees up your Android device's memory automatically! The best part about this app is that you don't have to understand how to use this app, just choose your setting. … [Read more...]

RoundR, Cool Little App That Rounds Android Screens

RoundR is a sweet little Android app that does just that, it rounds all your Android device's screens. This app is amazingly easy to use, is free, and is lightweight causing no problems whatsoever on my Galaxy Nexus (Android OS 4.2.2.). Watch the RoundR App Video … [Read more...]

Free Android Data Usage App Keeps You In The Black

Almost all smartphone users have the same problem when it comes to data usage, which is how much data am I using? Back a few years ago most plans from the big carriers came with unlimited data plans, but as time has gone on, things have changed and unless  … [Read more...]

Great Android Browsing Experience – Dolphin Browser HD

Kind of amazing that the Android operating system does not come with a more robust web browser. That is where the developers at Dolphin Browser have stepped in and created a most awesome web browser for the Android OS. Here are some of the features you get with this … [Read more...]

Keep Your Android Healthy with Antivirus Free!

Probably one of the coolest FREE Android applications I have come across, the Antivirus FREE app does more than check out your incoming media, emails, etc. This application's primary function is to check email, apps, download content for any incoming viruses, malware, etc. … [Read more...]

Got A Light?….Tiny Flashlight + LED FREE for Android

Use your LED Android flash as a really nice flashlight with the FREE Android app Tiny Flashlight + LED by Nikolay Ananiev. This apps main feature is a slick, simple, easy to use flashlight utilizing your camera LED; but there is more. There is a full screen light, warning … [Read more...]