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Anger of Stick 3, Combo Packed Android Arcade Fighter (Video)

Put your fists up and get ready to kick some stick butt when playing the Anger of Stick 3 app. This stick figure Arcade fighting game features 44 levels, 9 planet game areas, loads of weapons, and a new Super Warrior mode!

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The Anger of Stick game provides simple stick figure fighting and beat down gameplay. Known for the faceless characters and maximum combo fighting moves, this game series has become quite popular. Anger of Stick 3 continues the series with another frantic stick figure fighting game that played great on my Android Galaxy Nexus. The gameplay is non-sexy with left to right movement where you beat up, shoot, and kill any stick figure in your way. There are loads of combo moves that will challenge even the youngest prodigy gamer. There are also a large variety of weapons available to help destroy your enemies.



Anger of Stick 3 is a free-to-play game and weapons will cost you. But, there is a “practice range” where you can try out all weapons before making any purchases. The practice area features unlimited use of any weapon and you can also test out the Super Warrior mode.

The only problem I had with this game is that I found it running at all times even when I had shut the game down. For me this presents a energy drain issue that I cannot afford; and I kind of find it creepy.

Regardless, Anger of Stick 3 is an action packed Android fighter game featuring lots of moves to take out your enemies with.




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