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Angry Birds Friends – Falls Flat Out Of The Gate (Video Review)

Angry Birds Friends falls flat as Rovio goes all “corporate” with its new Free-to-Play mobile game. This game has a forced Facebook sign in, new levels weekly, and hard to earn power-ups, which lead you to spend cash if you want to keep on playing!

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Rovio Mobile misses the mark with Angry Birds Friends in a big way, beginning with a “forced” Facebook sign in to play this game. Once this game is hooked into your Facebook profile, you’re constantly presented with a vertical window on the right side of the screen with a little “+” to invite friends to play. Instead of providing a great customer experience, it appears they have set their eyes simply on making money!

This game features overly difficult puzzles compared to past Angry Birds games. They now provide in app purchases to buy helpful power-ups, which increase your odds of successful level completion.

What do you think of Rovio’s new Angry Birds Friends? Do you like it? Love it? Or think it’s lame? Let us know below, and leave a comment or a rant. We would love to hear from you!


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