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Angry Gran Best Free Game for Android – Beating People Like Pinatas

Now, do not hit the patrolling police officer, or Angry Gran gets a time out via a straight jacket that she has to wear (no whacking during this time). Also, if Angry Gran misses slightly, her back goes out, and again no whacking during this time. Finally, if Angry Gran misses when she is in “granny time” she will be put in a wheel chair for a few seconds. Why is this important, you have to earn X amount of cash to continue on after so much distance, and when you’re not hitting people or things you’re not generating cash. Oh, by the way, to make the most out of your hits, hold your finger on the screen until the weapon granny is wielding gets charged for a “granny time” whack.

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The only issues I had with the game were the controls, there are not actually any formal buttons, this is a touch-to-play game and you need to touch and hold on the screen to charge up granny’s weapons.

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Angry Gran Android App Video Review
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