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Angry Gran Run – Guy Dangerous Should Be Scared!

Angry Gran Run is back and Angrier than ever in this endless runner game, “Temple Run” style, featuring plenty of power-ups, different Angry Gran characters, and whacky gameplay. If you have ever seen a really mean older person (of the female persuasion), this is who Angry Gran is, but she’s virtual — thank God! This Angry Gran title features the crazy lady busting out of the “Angry Asylum” with a creepy cackling laugh at the beginning of each new game.

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Your job is to navigate the “cranky old bat” through a variety of cityscape obstacles, including a large bass fish, UFO, guy doing the moonwalk, and some normal obstacles. This disgruntled elderly lady has a large appetite for gold so be sure to use the accelerometer to move left and right to feed her greedy appetite. Angry Gran also kicks anyone’s butt who gets in her way. She calls them “punks.”

This angry old lady is no stranger to us, and here is the iPad app video showing off the original Angry Gran app (watch here), but be sure to watch the new iPhone app video for Angry Gran Run above!



YouTube App Video Link: Angry Gran Run iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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