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Angry Planes – Not The Game Play You Expected!!!!

Angry Planes is a challenging casual game featuring 90 un-lockable levels of timed and strategic squid-bombing gameplay. The developers (BAM Entertainment) give us a bit of an unexpected game surprise, based on the title and the gameplay itself. Your objective in this casual iphone game is to bomb squids. Yes, you heard me right, bomb pesky squids that are attacking your aircraft carrier. At first this action puzzle game appears to be rather easy. You fly your plane (6 to select from) and you bomb squids that are cruising under the water surface. Simple right? Well, add a timer that counts down differently for each level, a limited number of bombs, and the fact that your airplane only goes right and left, allowing you to only control the speed to a certain extent with an arrow that increases the speed and one that slows your plane down. By the way, you also have to bomb a certain amount of squid for each level to successfully complete that level. There are also obstacles that protect the squids from your bombs making the squid elimination more difficult, and not only that, but some squids are harder to take out than others at times needing up to 4 bomb hits before they’ll disappear.

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This game is fun, fast-paced and has a 3-star scoring system, which allows you to replay levels you may not have done so well on the first time around. I found this game jampacked with gameplay and rather challenging due to the squids becoming increasingly faster and harder to hit — and all of this within the first 20 levels. Angry Planes is a uniquely fun squid-bombing challenge, and not what I expected. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Angry Planes iPhone App Details

Title: Angry Planes
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 16.1 MB
Developer: BAM Entertainment
Store: iTunes App Store

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Angry Planes - BAM Entertainment

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Angry Planes iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
“Simple and challenging…one of those odd ways of describing some of the most enjoyable games.” – AppAdvice

At first all was happy in the quiet blue skies…but the fleet has been attacked and now it’s time for revenge! With Angry Planes and screeching bombs at your fingertips, get ready to wreak havoc on the crazy swimming enemy squid! Pilot through 90 levels of smooth flying, squid bombing mayhem that gets progressively more challenging, more fun, and more addictive!

Hop in the cockpit and let’s fly some planes!

APP Highlights:

✓ LOTS of Levels: Angry Planes features 90 action packed levels (with updates to follow)!

✓ Challenging: Use different strategies to bomb as many enemy squid as possible before time and bombs run out!

✓ Awesome Visuals: Colorful cartoon-style characters and graphics make gameplay smooth, eye-catching, and fun. Supports Retina Display!

✓ Game Center Integration: Challenge your friends and climb the ranks of the online leaderboards!

✓ High Replay Value: Passing with one star doesn’t fly for real A.P. Aces…keep playing to achieve 3 Stars on every level!

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