Angry Wife…One For The Ladies!

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Finally, an Android app that provides a little therapy for the (often times) under appreciated wives of this world. The Angry Wife Android app is nothing special, but does provide a bit of comic relief by allowing you to throw plates at a big, fat, rather dumb looking guy holding a beer who shuffles from side-to-side trying to evade your every throw. Scoring points is easy — just land a plate in the dumb guys mouth and you will begin to rack up points.

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You may get a little frustrated at first trying to figure out how to play and the lack of instructions surely doesn’t help. Simply swipe from the bottom of the screen towards the weaselly fat guy and a plate will fly from out of nowhere. You will have to learn how to adjust your throwing to hit your moving target. The graphics are reminiscent of The Family guy, and there are different food items on the plate to throw at your virtual punching bag hubby. While Angry Wife is great for wives who need a little venting, this app can be used by “angry girlfriends,” daughters, etc., as well for a little stress reliever. Pick up some plates and start throwing today.
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Angry Wife FREE Android App Details

Title: Angry Wife
Price: FREE
Category: Arcade & Action
Size: 2.2 MB
Developer: DreamFishSoft
Store: Android Market

Angry Wife FREE Android App Download Link

Angry Wife

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Angry Wife FREE Android App Developers Description

Wife is angry at husband.
Angry wife is throwing dishes to husband.
Try get as high combo as possible to get high score.
Don’t forget this is just for fun.

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