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Animal Spell’em All (by N Star Studios) is a children’s application that will broaden your child’s awareness of animals from around the world, in a fun and adaptive spelling game. This game uses a bit of imagination with the help of Malika and her trusty dog, as your child plays through 3 different spelling game modes. Game modes consist of: Toddler, Super Toddler, and Brain Box — each more challenging than the last. Once a player has selected a game mode, the object is to spell the name of the animal that is shown as a picture on the imaginative chalkboard, and is also pronounced by Malika. Depending on the game mode, the player then uses the letters provided on the chalkboard to spell the animal’s name. After each turn, Malika will either congratulate you for spelling a word correctly or let you know the word was misspelled (except in Toddler mode), and she will erase and draw another animal to spell.

Animal Spell'em All iPad Kids App ReviewsAnimal Spell'em All iPad Kids App Reviews

There are 5 levels for each game mode, which progressively gets more difficult and will help to challenge your child’s spelling abilities, while also introducing them to some interesting (and maybe new) animals. The main difference between Toddler, Super Toddler, and Brain Box is how the game plays. Toddler game mode will not allow a player to continue once he or she places a wrong letter in an animal word, rather the player will be gently encouraged to pick another letter, and there are only the limited letters necessary to spell the animal name on the chalkboard. Super Toddler and Brain Box have more letters than necessary to complete each animal word, and the player is allowed to continue if they place a wrong letter in a word. While Super Toddler allows hints at the price of 2 stars for each hint, Brain Box does not and is the most difficult game mode. The idea is to get as many stars as you can, which is done by spelling each animal word as fast as you can. Your child will find animals from around the world including hedgehogs and even a platypus — for full disclosure, I spelled platypus wrong during my testing of this game application, which goes to show you that it’s not just the little ones that could use more spelling practice. Animal Spell’em All is a fun way for kids to learn how to spell while being introduced to animals from around the world, in a fun way. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Animal Spell’em All iPad App Details

Title: Animal Spell’em All
Price: $0.99 (on sale until 03/01/12)
Size: 37.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: N Star Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

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Animal Spell'em All - N Star Studios

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Animal Spell’em All iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
*** 3 Difficulties
*** 5 levels
*** 5 original songs
*** 40 unique animals
*** Real child speech
*** Cool animation

Join my daughter Malika in her classroom, and play Animal Spell’em All. This is a fun spelling game for young children to help them learn how to spell animals from all over the world. Simply drag the letters into place and check out the wonderful images and animation all guided by my daughter Malika. ‘Animal Spell’em All’ uses an adaptive learning system that analyses the player’s actions and adjusts the animal queue accordingly. Collect stars in a race against time and try to beat the high score in the game

What’s new

– new icons for ipad
– bug fixes

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