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AnyList Grocery List app: 3 List Types, Plus Recipes – Free!

You can create grocery lists with the greatest of ease when using AnyList Grocery List, a simple and Free iPhone Productivity app by Purple Cover, Inc. I, like most other people, am always looking for apps that will make my life easier, especially when it comes to dreaded tasks like grocery shopping. Having tested this iPhone application out, I’m convinced this app is the handy grocery-and-everything list maker that I need. In a very short period of time I was able to create a couple of extensive and nicely categorized shopping lists, snag a few dinner ideas on the fly and quickly place their ingredients on my shopping list. I was also able to share my grocery list through email and text them to my family members. And it was lightening fast too. After becoming acquainted with AnyList, there’s no doubt in my mind as to why this intuitive app has been featured on Apple’s “New and Noteworthy” section of the iTunes App Store.

Just about anyone can jump into this app and quickly create a list without knowing all the nuances that this application provides. But, it does make using it all that much more amazing if you understand how it’s meant to work for you. If you need help or want to learn more about this application, the AnyList Grocery List app does provide plenty of useful information in the Settings area: FAQ section, info graphs, brief explanations, Privacy Policy, etc. You get started by either signing in or creating an account with your first and last name, email address and password. Although this application is meant to predominately be a grocery making list, AnyList allows you to create a nice variety of list types: Grocery, Basic and Custom, and gives you the ability to customize a few key functions. One really beneficial feature about the “My Grocery List” area is that you can change the order of the category headers. This allows you to breeze through the grocery store because you can match the aisle-by-aisle layout of your favorite grocery store (that is if you know the layout by heart — and you probably do by now).

Another useful feature is the autocomplete function that does a pretty good job of completing your entries as you type them in (which can be turned on or off depending on your preference). In addition to being able create a specific type of list (Grocery, Basic, and Custom), you can also quickly create multiple lists and quickly switch between them (checking off items) as you run around completing your errands at the variety of different stores: pharmacy, grocery, bulk shopping store, etc. If you’ve shared the lists with family or friends, these lists will be updated as each person marks off the individual items. You can also easily make this app multi-task for you as your “ToDo” list by creating a Basic list for the things you need to get done. Remember, it’s all about making your life easier and getting the dreaded things done so that you can enjoy a little more time doing fun things for yourself and your family.

Although you have the option to turn off the autocomplete (which fills in mostly grocery items when making lists), I noticed that when I was creating a Basic list, this list by default turns off Category Headers and Autocomplete (grocery items). It didn’t appear to pre-populate items like it did for me when testing the same items (such as raisins) on both the Custom and Grocery lists. I liked using the Autocomplete to make my grocery list because there wasn’t anything on my normal shopping list that didn’t readily populate for me, making this feature a great timesaver. But what I liked even more was that the item immediately appeared on my list under an automatic category title, which my usual list maker does not do until I’ve manually selected it to do so. The only oddity I noticed here was when I added milk to the list, it went under the “Other” category instead of Dairy, but eggs went under the “Dairy” category, and when I added cotton balls to the list, they fell automatically under “Health & Personal,” while Q-tips also went under “Other” category. These are obviously not deal breakers because you can quickly edit item categories and have items regularly placed under your category preference for all lists you make (if you choose).

As happy as I was with the ease and convenience of making lists, my absolute favorite feature in this app is the built in recipe function that allows you to browse through pre-set categories like: Saved Recipes, Popular Recipes, New Recipes, Main Ingredient (Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pasta, Pork, and Turkey), and also Publisher (5 Featured publishers and approximately 90 in the More category) to find interesting-looking meal ideas. But the best part about this is that all the listed ingredients can be placed in your list in a snap! However, the recipes are not very well organized under their specific categories, and you’ll find an odd hodge-podge range of recipe types listed in random order such as: Raspberry Oatmeal Dumplings, Mushroom Stroganoff, Roasted Apple Spice Sheet Cake, Homemade Wheat Thins, Skinny Chicken Pesto Bake. It would be better to list these under categories such as: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, etc. But, the search function is a nice feature and when I put in Fried Chicken it brought back 10 results ranging from Korean Fried Chicken, Gluten-Free Fried Chx Strips to Southern Fried Chicken. This does allow you to find a wide range of recipes from a ton of popular web-based publishers. Also, if you don’t want to look too hard for an dinner idea, just choose the one Featured Recipe idea given to you. Todays’ was Slow Cooker Middle Eastern Garlic Chicken.

So, until some other amazing iPhone Productivity Grocery app comes along to make my dreaded grocery shopping task even better, I’m very content to use this handy-dandy-any-type-list-maker app that gives me more than the usual grocery list maker.

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