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PhotoStation: Photo Editor App, Desktop Editing on iPhone

AnyShape – Photo Editor has recently been updated and is now called PhotoStation. Besides receiving a name change this app has received several improvements in editing functionality that make this iPhone photo editor app one of the best in the iTunes App Store. The PhotoStation photo editor app allows you desktop photo editing features in a mobile iPhone app. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. If you’re from Missouri (the “Show Me State”), check out the free version PhotoStation Lite before purchasing the paid PhotoStation version for $1.99 — because seeing is believing.

Original Blog Post:
AnyShape — Photo Editor is an amazingly easy-to-use, advanced photo editor for the iPhone. This Photography photo editor app has 15 convenient tools that let you edit photos right from your iPhone using a Bezier (Bezier Curve) selection tool to create irregular photo cropping, filtering, and colorizing effects. I have come across numerous photography apps for the iPhone that also provide filters, colorizing and sharing features (to a new photo you take with your iPhone or one from your camera roll), but I have never come across an iPhone photography app that is as powerful as AnyShape – Photo Editor.

First, let me say that I have little skill in photo editing and learned more about the editing of photos while testing and researching one of the tools included in this app — the Bezier Curve or Bezier Selection Tool. For all you photo editors out there, you’re probably well aware of what the Bezier Selection Tool is, but for the rest of us who do not — it’s a cool photo cropping tool that allows you to create “parametric curves” on images by tapping on various points (connected by lines) that allow you to manipulate the top of a photo to form curves. Essentially, you can cut anything out of a picture. For example, you have a picture of fire-engine red Porsche on a car advertisement, but you only want to cut the car out — not a problem with this iPhone photography application. In a matter of seconds, even a novice photo editor (like myself) can complete this task and then do much more like Enhance, Crop, and Filter the photo with a large number of tools, almost all with simple sliders to adjust to somewhat precise specifications, at least in regards to a mobile phone app.

AnyShape – Photo Editor has 4 main editing tools (Bezier tool, Enhancing, Cropping, and Filter/Colorizing effects), and inside each of these are additional tools for: light, color, tone, balance and tools (in the Enhancing editing tool). All tools are extremely user friendly with each designed to have the same cohesive appearance (a green save check, “x” to cancel, an “eyeball” symbol to see your original photo, as well as sliders to adjust the particular tool you are using). The initial process of getting started could possibly confuse some people, but just look for the “+” sign on the right side navigation, which works in both landscape and portrait modes. When you originally open the application, you are met with a comfortable gray blank screen, with just the right navigation bar showing a help button that will take you to a brief app video about this app’s features, a cog representing some image settings/functionality, as well as developer information. The “+” sign is to select a photo to start editing, and the “i” button is for photo information like size, type of file, etc., and lastly, an orange edit button that takes the user into the meat of this app and all the cool photo editing tools.


The only problem is, if you have never used the app before, you may fumble around until you figure out how to get your photo imported to start editing. There is no help tab, however, tips are available just about every time you tap on a new button (these can be dismissed). AnyShape – Photo Editor also has another very cool feature worth mentioning — which is layering. Users can layer effects onto a photo. In other words, you can crop and enhance a photo with some effects, then turn around and add more effects to it giving it another dimension. I initially assumed that layering was putting an image onto another image and reached out to the developer for some guidance. He told me this is the #1 feature currently being requested — that makes sense. To that end, the developers are looking to add this feature as well as social sharing, which will make this great app that much better. Honestly, I have never seen such a feature-rich functional app selling for only $0.99 — even at the regular price of $1.99 — this is dirt cheap for what you get. AnyShape – Photo Editor is not quite perfect, but with a few minor tweaks and a few additional features, you will be able to create and share some really amazing photos with others right from your iPhone. Be sure to watch the AnyShape – Photo Editor iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPhone photography app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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