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Apocalypse Max – Frantic Platform Hack & Slash iOS Game

Run, jump, double jump, double jump, slice, double jump + slice and shoot while playing Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead — a new iPhone and iPad Games app (by Wandake). You’re Max, an elite Marine Commando, who is on an insane mission killing zombies throughout 9 Apocalyptic worlds, with 20+ upgradable weapons — as well as a very, very handy military grade knife. The iTunes App Store description for this game uses the word “Frantic,” which is what you will begin to experience as you play through the game packs — an impending feeling of doom as all hell is breaking loose. Wandake has done a masterful job combining a side scroller game with platform movements that allow your Elite Marine Commando to perform some way cool acrobatic moves while slicing enemies into pieces.


You start this hack & slash game in a survival boot camp where you get the basics on how to use your soldier to get optimum results. Once you complete boot camp it is off to places like Dead Forest, The Swamp, and Sewers, as well as other places where you will encounter massive numbers of the 16 different whacky, yet very deadly zombies — all of which want to zombify you. However, Max has a few tricks up his sleeve, like a very large deadly military grade knife used by swiping on the screen for a regular slice and double jump + swipe for a major slice action that will take out even the most deadly zombie.

Max also has a gun and backpack to carry ammo, hand grenades, and med kits. You will need coins to purchase all of the above, but those can be earned through playing the game or through in app purchase. There are 3 difficulty levels: Sissy, Tough Guy and Suicidal. I suggest in order to earn coins play the Sissy difficulty setting. I played this game in Tough Guy mode because I could not bear to toggle on Sissy game mode — just couldn’t do it. Playing through Tough Guy mode I found the first 2 game packs (each with 4 large levels) to be challenging, yet not too crazy. That appeared to change when I got to Sewers, this is because my med kits were gone and I was out of cash. I almost abandoned my game, but instead strategized trying to make it to the next Checkpoint, which paid off.



The game boards are quite varied and very much different in how you will complete levels in those game packs. For example, in Dead Forest you run from left to right as you slaughter as many undead as you can, slicing boxes that have all sorts of goodies (ammo, hand grenades, med kits) all while trying to stay alive. Going into The Swamp you will find platforms, quicksand, and docks to navigate and once you hit Sewers you will have to run left to right, right to left as well as navigate over floating barrels and up platforms, which will cause you to feel “Frantic.” I found myself just running and gunning towards the end of the swamp. All the zombies pop up as if teleported onto the game board, but this happens in great numbers so you have to work to keep your butt alive — at least in Tough Guy mode.



Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead is a challenging game, but Wandake has done a great job of making the range of difficulty bearable which made me want to dig back into the game and keep going. Another worthy note is the amazingly detailed graphics that appear in this game — all hand drawn and very well done. This game played really great on my iPhone 4S, but I have yet to try it out on my iPad 3rd generation. The only small issue I have with the game is that there are only 20 levels. Albeit the levels are large, the app sells for $2.99, which is a little high for the average iPhone or iPad user to spend for the number of advertised levels in this awesome game — especially since there are in app purchases. I bet this game would easily be in the top 100 to top 10 if priced at only $0.99. Now, if Wandake wants to make this app #1 make it free! Aside from that, Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead is a very fun, frantic — and yes worth the value iPhone and iPad game that will keep you busy through 3 taunting difficulty modes.

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Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead - Wandake

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