App Demo Video

App Demo Video
    App Demo Video Overview!

  • 2-4 Min Quality HD Video
  • Professionally Edited
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Distributed On Top Rated Partnered YouTube Channels
  • iPhone/iPad App Review YT Channel 19,500+ Subscribers and 14+ million views
  • Android App Review YT Channel 2,900+ Subscribers and 2+ million views
  • SEO Optimized Video
  • Indexing on Google & YouTube, Bing, Yahoo Search Engines

App Demo – What You Get!

  1. New and advanced, HD hands-free app video screen capture technology that lets your app’s true colors and actual speed of performance shine through
  2. No visible, interfering fingers that obstruct a visitor’s view of your application (hands on footage available)
  3. High-quality video capture (1080p HD or 720p HD)
  4. 2–4 minute, high-quality HD video properly presenting, explaining and highlighting your app’s most relevant features
  5. In-depth and thorough app testing is completed before your app is presented on video to ensure proper functionality and a positive user experience
  6. You are alerted to potential problems missed during beta testing that could cost you money and tarnish your reputation and brand
  7. Includes professional audio sound featuring a custom app introduction and an unscripted, high-quality voiceover walkthrough of your app, introducing and explaining your app’s most important features
  8. Video is professionally edited and optimized for mobile viewing
  9. The newly created App Demo Video is then uploaded to our Top Ranking YouTube Channel

How To Use Your Video

  1. App Marketing
  2. Press Releases
  3. Website display
  4. Professional Digital Marketing Asset
  5. Share on social media channels
  6. Ask others to share, share, share – Go Viral!
  7. Google Play Store Demo Insert
  8. Amazon App Store Demo Insert
  9. And any other way you can think of to spread the news about your app

Quality Not Quantity

We believe a half-hearted, fast food video approach for marketing your app to the world is not in your best interest. You have worked too hard on your app to have your app captured in an App Demo Video that does little to explain your app or how it works.
Our custom video creation process is different because we take the time to fully understand and test your applications for a variety of reasons:

1. We have our own reputation to protect! Our viewers and readers trust us, so we ensure your app works well before it appears in our social media channels and blog.

2. The more we know about your app, the better we can promote it. A knowledgeable and confident presentation allows your app to look its best and ensures that its function and features are communicated well.

3. We know the value of a brand. Because our brand is important to us, we do our best to help you protect your own brand by not presenting an app that has tech issues (memory leaks, poor functionality) that could lead to user dissatisfaction and tarnish your name, ultimately losing you money.

Knowing the importance of app visibility through App Demos and popular search engines, CrazyMikesapps has created a unique and effective method that provides an honest, handcrafted, and organic way to increase App SEO value. We gain you maximum exposure into the mobile consumer market through our high-quality, low-cost custom explainer video. The App Demo Video gives your app even more exposure by being placed and found on our blog, large social media community and the most popular search engines in the world (Google and YouTube).

App Developers

Get Reviewed by submitting your iOS or Android app for review.

*Disclaimer – *If app is not working, broken, or has technical issues that will not present well in a video there will be a non-refundable $29.00 handling fee. Customer will be contacted to update app or offered a refund of remaining monies.
*Any App App Demo Video order that is unable to be completed within 90 calendar days from original order date will not be eligible for a refund.
*All videos uploaded to YouTube are property of CrazyMikesapps and may have advertising on them.