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App to Relax to: Rain, Rain – Free Sleep Sounds for iPhone

Need an app to relax and wash away your stress? The Rain, Rain – Free Sleep Sounds app (for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will instantly calm you as you listen to its soothing rain (sound) tracks. This free app to relax comes with 3 pleasant rain sounds of varying rain intensities, as well as simple right and left swipe navigation to conveniently move between the different rain patterns. You’ll discover a steady thunderstorm, a splattering/puddling effect (that almost sounds like running water at the end of a downspout), and a steady and gentle summer rain. Along with the soothing rain sounds, you’ll see nice outdoor nature images displaying the appropriate rainy weather. The refreshing nature images definitely contribute to the overall feeling of calm when using this app.

App to Relax iPhone App Review

This iPhone Utilities app is incredibly easy to use and I appreciated the lack of complexity in using this app to relax, which helped to reduce my stress level, not add to it. Rain, Rain – Free Sleep Sounds offers 4 brightness settings (max, high, medium, low) to suit your mood. The low light setting is great when sleeping at night and emits a very soft light. There’s a handy pause button to toggle on and off the sounds, as well as a simple flip screen to adjust the volume. Another nice feature about Rain, Rain – Free Sleep Sounds is that you can also opt for a more impactful experience by using your Apple TV to display and hear sounds.

App to Relax, Rain, Rain - Free Sleep Sounds iPhone App Review

While I’ve enjoyed using this great free app to help reduce my stress, there’s one thing to mention in this app to relax, it does come with ads. The ads are near the bottom of the screen, which aren’t bad. However, if you’re looking for a totally “Zen” experience, you may want to get rid of the visual clutter and purchase the Rain, Rain Pro version for only $0.99. The upgraded version includes a comforting sleep timer that gentle fades out the sound tracks as the set time ends (so there’s no startling abruptness), 4 additional rain sounds (for a total of 7).

There’s nothing like a good rain shower to calm the frazzled nerves, wash your cares away, and help you fall asleep and the Rain, Rain – Free Sleep Sounds for iPhone app to relax does just that!

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