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Apple Guard HD – Line-Drawing Apple/Monkey Gameplay!

What’s more fun than a basket full of monkeys? How about a basket full of apples put there by monkeys. Well, you’ll do just that in this Frantic paced line-drawing game called Apple Guard HD (by Adv Webbing Inc). This simplistic casual game challenges you to get the apple into a basket by drawing lines to move the apple past obstacles, around walls, and other difficulties to land the apple safely into the basket. Now, the lines have different effects on how far the apple bounces: a flat line makes an apple bounce higher and an angled line helps the apple to move in a direction, but the apple does not bounce as high. You have to find the right mix of straight and angled lines to get your apple in the basket for each of the 50 levels.

Apple Guard iPhone Game App (FREE App)  Apple Guard iPhone Game App (FREE App)

Best of all, the 50 levels in this game are all FREE and even with the ads that appear in the top left (which are pretty standard), it didn’t really interfere with the gameplay. Unlike most FREE games, you can unlock each next level (all the way to the end) by completing the previous level. I have to say, this is a more challenging casual puzzle game than I expected and it will have you frantically drawing lines to complete each level. A couple of tips: do not leave your finger on the screen when drawing a line or the line will not count; the apple will fall right through it, thus you will have to start over for that level. Also, once a line is drawn you cannot draw another one until the apple hits it or misses, or goes into the basket (ultimate goal). Apple Guard HD is a challenging line-drawing game where your success depends on your line drawing skills. Watch the full iPhone video app demo below. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Apple Guard HD FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Apple Guard HD
Price: FREE
Category: Games
Size: 10.4 MB
Developer: Adv. Webbing Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Apple Guard HD iPhone App Download Link

Apple Guard HD - Adv Webbing, Inc.

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Apple Guard HD iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Millions of players around the world are enjoying Apple Guard.

In this original game fun never stops. You must help the monkey to deliver His apple safely. Draw lines that the apple can rebound.

Make it safe to the cart through the obstacles. Be careful, do not let the apple fall!
Very additive!

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