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Aqua City – FREE Android Game, Deep Water Time Strategy!

Aqua City (by Animoca) challenges you to build a thriving underwater utopia in this colorful time management game while completing a variety of quests to level up and unlock new items to build, decorate, and grow your metropolis. In this strategy game the metropolis you are building is your own fictional, deep water city called “Coral City.” You’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone because friends can (and others) also build their own Coral City, which provides a social aspect to this game that challenges you to build the best Coral City you can. The game’s concept is like most other time management games: you build homes, businesses, services and grow seaweed to supply to your citizens (okay, maybe not the seaweed part). You also have to provide protection through a police department, and you will find that you’ll need to add guards to expand your territory — which is actually a very cool aspect lending to the realistic concept.

As you have probably already guessed, your activities are regulated by energy and in app currency primarily in the form of squids (gold coins) that you can earn, and pearls which can be bought through in app purchase. Pearls are also given to you in the beginning and can be earned for free daily. A nice feature added by the developers is a parental lock to prevent un-authorized purchases to ensure that your kids are not errantly spending money. The game objective is to build your city through quest completions, which challenges you to do certain goals, which provide you with rewards — typically in the form of squids. While energy is necessary for everything from collecting money to building roads, this does deplete after you perform so many activities, but replenishes over time, or you can instantly replenish your energy with pearls. There is a friend aspect, which I mentioned earlier that allows you to vist neighbors and collect rewards for doing so. You can share your progress through Twitter and Facebook and find friends in a variety of ways.

Aqua City has very colorful graphics that are nicely done and for a free, casual, time management game it is really entertaining. There is a humorous plot involving a dolphin and the merefolk you can follow along with — it’s pretty silly, but decent as far as the usual game plots go.

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