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Aquator – Save The Fish! Top Down Endless Shooter Game (Video)

Aquator is a fairly intense endless shooter game for the Android and iPhone with a good vs. evil story. Aquator features numerous enemy types, lots of power-ups, but let 1 enemy get by you and it’s game over. The simplicity of this endless shooter game is what makes it challenging. Currently, each game is in the same game area, but the longer you survive the harder and faster this game gets.

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The 2 shooting power-ups, health, and a nuke bomb help you survive as long as possible with each game’s objective to score as many points as you can. An extra bonus with Aquator, refreshingly, is that there are no in-app purchases in this free game, just a few non-intrusive ads that are standard for any free game.

Aquator is a simplistic, yet addictive, endless shooter game that will surely challenge your peripheral vision as you play! Watch the App Video to see how this game plays.

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