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GUN ZOMBIE HELLGATE, Arcade Shooter of Past on the iPhone (Video)

Play an Arcade Shooter of years gone past on your iPhone or iPad with the GUN ZOMBIE HELLGATE iOS Universal Games application. This “Arcade Shooter” has 500+ levels of gameplay, 23 realistic guns, 15+ nasty zombies and lots of head shots.



Game Overview

This shooter game currently has 5 sets of guns, where each gun is a game area providing its own difficulty. Finish an area and you get to take that gun into an endless game mode called Hell Wave. If that is not enough, there is also the Hellgate Challenge, which is an unsurvivable attack of zombies where you pick the gun to defend yourself (must be unlocked). Adding a little extra to this game mode there is a “Berserk” power-up that makes you massively volatile for short periods of time, quite fun, but in the end you will become zombie food. This is a great level to earn some quick cash.

GUN ZOMBIE HELLGATE is a great replica of an “Arcade Shooter” game of past that you can play on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!


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Gun Zombie Hellgate iPhone Video App ReviewiPhone Arcade Shooter Game App Video Review

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