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Archer 2 – 90 Levels of Medieval Puzzle Mayhem!

Archer 2 (by iDevMobile Tec.) lets you unleash your arrows as an oversized archer on a variety of deadly and fantastical medieval enemies throughout 90 levels of gameplay — but beware of the menacing obstacles that may end your journey prematurely. This game is more challenging than first appears. You have a tall and rugged-looking archer, with blazing red hair, standing on top of a platform which is hovering in mid air due to the flames holding it aloft. You move your archer up and down (there is no side to side movement) using your finger to do so — that is it. The main feature of any good archer is the ability to shoot arrows and this archer does just that. Your objective is to eliminate all targets with the limited number of arrows that you have been provided to accomplish all 90 levels, through the 3 game packs or worlds (Classic Adventures, Dark Nights, Danger Skies, and Once Upon a Time coming soon).

One would think this is easy but your archer is a bit large and lanky, and enemies as well as defenses begin to hurl fireballs, missiles, and themselves at your sturdy defender, which gets increasingly more chaotic as the game goes on. You will shoot balloons and enemies in Classic Adventure, as you get into Dark Nights things get a bit more edgy and the levels become a bit more puzzling, and once you get to Danger Skies you’re under fire and required to use objects as well as levers to solve levels — not to mention elimination of all enemies is required for level completion.

Archer 2 iPad video app demoArcher 2 iPad video app demo

I found this game to be very challenging, the graphics were good but definitely had the indie feel. What was very cool is that the enemies are obviously original artwork and some bad guys are identifiable with other iDevMobile games, which was a nice touch. Due to the size of your archer you will find that you have to have good reflexes to dodge and weave at the right times while trying to shoot your arrows to pierce your target. I encountered no crashes, no long load times nor any issues while playing this game, and the overall feel of it is that it’s solid good fun, while at the same time uniquely engaging. The levels are vast and you can replay them based on a star-rating system, which is also how you unlock the game packs (worlds) as you progress. You can purchase to unlock all worlds immediately if you cannot wait to earn the stars for only $0.99. Archer 2 is a good (iPhone and iPad) indie-style find action puzzler that has a lot of replay value. Find out more about this iPad and iPhone Games app by watching our Archer 2 iPad video app demo below. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Archer 2 iPad App Details

Title: Archer 2
Price: $0.99
Size: 12.6 MB
Category: Games
Developer: iDevMobile Tec.
Store: iTunes App Store

Archer 2 iPad App Download Link

Archer 2 - iDevMobile Tec.

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Archer 2 iPad Developers App Description

iOS Universal

90 LEVELS full of HUGE challenges for a SMALL price. You’ll be OVERSTUFFED!
Archer is an addictive, pickup-and-play action game wich puts you in the heart of all-out Medieval Battle.

A game full of emotion where you will adventure yourself with the character Vougan trough 90 levels where you can find adversaries that goes from ballons to legendary creatures to test your skills to the maximum in a exciting and addictive game.

✓ Nice graphics, music and sound effects
✓ iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch compatible
✓ Secret bonuses.
✓ Lots of achievements.
✓ Game Center integration

What’s new

– Performance improvement

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