Can You Hit The Bullseye In This Funny Archery Game App?

Arrow Flick is a new Archery Game app with pleasing 3D graphics and some humourous heckling along the way. This new arrow flicking game has recently become available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Arrow Flick is an arcade-style archery game that features 3 game modes (Easy, Normal and High Wind) that take you to either the Savanna or Forest setting to test your archery skills. So how good are you at “flick arrow” target shooting?

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Unlike most archery game apps, Arrow Flick has nicely detailed 3D graphics and awesome game sounds. In this game, you will be shooting arrows at dummies tied to sticks, and bullseyes, headshots and combos are what you are striving to achieve. The object of the game is to score as many points as you can, as well as complete the 93 achievements to earn badges. Badges allow you to purchase power-up arrows like the Dragon, Steel, Gold or Night arrows, as well as larger quivers so that you can hold more arrows. Badges will also let you replay a round if you fell short.

In this free-to-play archery game the Easy and Normal game rounds come unlocked. You get 3 rounds in these game modes to complete the required objective of shooting the dummies, moving animals and dangling fruit. Just swipe down to pull back on the bow, use the power meter on the left to gauge your shot (as well as a gold circle that guides you) and then just let her rip! You will find that the animals are a bit tricky to hit because they move suddenly and they can become spooked if you miss, causing them to run off. However, if you can hit any of the animals, they will score you loads of points. Animals include rhinos, lions, elephants and other indigenous animals. Another thing to point out is that for every time you miss your mark, you’ll get silly comments and a jeering laugh, similar to a heckling dunk tank clown at the carnival.

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You can unlock all 150 levels of arrow shooting fun for only strong>$0.99 through in app purchase and/or also purchase badges to help improve your gameplay. You’ll discover that Arrow Flick is an easy-to-play casual game for some quick pick-up-and-play and humorous target shooting fun.

Arrow Flick is now available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android and can be downloaded now for free using the links below!

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