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Arrow Mania – Fresh Physics Puzzler Game!

Arrow Mania is a unique physics puzzler game that will challenge you to get a fragile magnetic orb to the finish line for each level, but there are enemies and bullseyes to shoot with your arrows along the way, and whatever you do — don’t shoot the birds. This indie style iPhone and iPad game provides a fresh casual puzzle game experience that is not what you would expect when reading the app title.

“Arrow Mania” is more like magnetic mania because your main movement method is 2 buttons (bottom left/right) which activate giant magnets that pull your fragile orb to whichever side (left or right) you need to move. But, the arrows do play a large part and will come in handy when the jet fighters drop parachute bombs on you, which you will have to neutralize to move on in most cases. The arrows are also necessary to shoot the many puzzling bullseyes to activate numerous elevators to move your orb up, down, sideways, etc. to get to the finish line.

iphone video app demosiphone video app demos

You objective in the game: try to complete each level as fast as you can without damaging your blue orb. Your orb will be damaged if you shoot birds (sometimes as little as one time) or if you are hit with a parachute bomb. There are 4 difficulty levels, which make this game great for younger kids as well as those looking for a challenge. The puzzles are neither too difficult nor overly easy. But the Extreme difficulty setting will challenge you — just hit a bird once with a poorly aimed arrow and you will understand what I mean. Arrow Mania is a fresh iOS puzzle game that provides unique puzzle gameplay good for the whole family and at a reasonable price. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone game application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Arrow Mania iPhone App Details

Title: Arrow Mania
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 13.9 MB
Developer: GMT Development Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

Arrow Mania iPhone App Download Link

Arrow Mania - GMT Development Ltd

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Arrow Mania iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Arrow Mania is arrows, magnets, birds, jets, lifts, buttons, balloons and lots more!

Guide your orb through gorgeous scrolling levels. Use the magnets to move your arrow ball, operate lifts to get higher, shoot arrows at the buttons, shoot arrows at the bomb dropping jet planes, dodge past lasers and drills, bounce your arrows off spring boards, … just don’t shoot the birds!

Arrow Mania brings the fun of shooting as many arrows as you can. Tap as quick as you can to fire a hale of arrows, or hold down your finger and aim for precision shooting.

30 maps to play through. Difficulty level select (from easy for kids, normal, hard, to extreme for serious players). Play levels again to earn the bonus stars. Shoot lots of arrows, then shoot some more!

One universal app. All iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models supported including Retina graphics.

What’s new

Fixed a problem where going down a lift whilst overhanging and there being a wall at the bottom.
Fixed a problem with the level selection right button.
Replaced a duplicate level with a new one.

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