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OddSpotter, Art Game – Art History and Look n Find Fun!

The OddSpotter, Art Game takes art history learning from bland to grand. This clever iPhone and iPad app marries art appreciation with challenging look and find gameplay, creating an interesting learning combo. This art game (by Tanel Teemusk) features 84 works on art done by 6 major Impressionist artists. You’ll study these 84 paintings in detail as you challenge yourself to spot the differences, earn stars and unlock each artist one by one, including a bonus mystery artist.



This educational game not only comes with the familiar look-and-find gameplay we all love, but also delivers a nice user interface and relaxing classical music by Chopin. The OddSpotter, Art Game features these 6 Impressionist artists: Sisley, Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Monet, and one mystery artist you’ll have to wait to unlock through gameplay. Each artist’s game pack comes with at least 12 works of art that you have to unlock one by one.

Or you can buy a key through in app purchase if you’re impatient for $0.99 each. Each level in this educational game has a different level of difficulty, ranging from easy to very difficult. And the OddSpotter, Art Game wouldn’t truly be an art appreciation app if you didn’t also teach you about the painting and the artist as well. Every featured artists has a Wikipedia based biography to provide a more comprehensive learning experience.



In the OddSpotter, Art Game you’ll be given two paintings side by side (one is the original). You’ll start with Sisley. Simply scan the paintings to see what’s been added or subtracting from the original. Once you’ve found it and tapped on it, a green box captures the difference on the painting to indicate your success. If you didn’t find it you’ll see a red “X.” Each painting has a different number of differences to find, but all rounds are timed and earn you stars, depending on how quick you are.

By spotting all the differences and earning stars, this unlocks the next set of artist’s paintings. The OddSpotter, Art Game does come with a few hints to help you zoom in to locate the “odd spot” in the painting, and you can purchase more through in app purchase if you want. Once a painting is completed you’ll get a score, time/stars, and brief painting description, when the painting was painted, and where it is housed currently. All levels can be replayed to “out best” your last time.



Personally, I really enjoyed playing the OddSpotter, Art Game on my iPad. The only thing I didn’t like was not being able to study the original painting before going right into the timed gameplay. But overall, I think this iPhone and iPad game concept is a great way to enforce observation skills and make art history more appealing to a larger range of people.

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