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iPhone Diary App Askt for daily journaling

If you’ve ever wanted to start a diary but didn’t know where to start, the Askt (Journal/Diary) by Daily Questions app just solved your problem. This iPhone Lifestyle app, by Whyse ApS, is the simple and modern way to start journaling today. Not only does the Askt app provide an incredibly easy way to start your own private diary using your iPhone, it also solves the problem of what to write about since this diary app prompts you with 1 compelling question each day to help get you started and to keep you going day after day.

And with additional features and functionality like password protection, the ability to track and compare your answers from year to year, the option to go back and answer missed questions from previous dates, as well as revisit and edit past entries, you may be wondering why you haven’t started using this iOS diary app sooner.

Askt (Journal/Diary) by Daily Questions App Features

There are so many practical reasons to keep a diary, but one of the best is to ability to record your own private thoughts, feelings and life experiences in one convenient place, away from the World’s prying eyes and opinions. Not only does this personal journal app provide a chance to practice your writing skills, it gives you the opportunity to go back and reflect on your previous entries to see how much you’ve grown personally over the years in relation to your everyday events, life challenges and greatest achievements.

And with the minimalistic design and targeted goal of answering 1 question each day for every day of the year, the Askt app makes it easy for you to get focused on one topic at a time and is a sure way to help you get into the habit of journaling on a daily basis.

Askt Diary App for iPhone

Getting started in this free application is easy, simply create an account with a user name, passcode, and email, and you’re immediately ready to make your first journal entry by answering the question given. Type in your response and it will appear on a fresh piece of lined paper for your viewing. The question topics vary but all are thought provoking, allowing you to be as short or in-depth in your responses as you want to be. To give you an idea of what you’ll find in this mobile app, here are a few real questions below.

Example Questions in the Askt Diary and Journal App

– What do you want to postpone?
– How did you start your day?
– How do you want to be remembered?
– Is contentment a good thing?
– What do you consider to be your biggest failure?

The user interface is purposely streamlined for a simplified experience. There are only 3 main navigation areas to explore: a calendar icon that lets you access questions for any previous calendar date, a bookmark icon to flip the screen to see your past answers, and your profile icon that tracks and reveals your writing progress. This profile area lets you view all your questions and answers at one time, allows you to add a passcode for privacy, and also gives you the option to share the app with others on Facebook or Twitter.

Although the Askt app lets you to go backwards in time through previous days and months to answer questions you may have missed, you’ll have to wait patiently to answer future questions beyond today’s date.


That’s how simple Askt is to use and why it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start your own personal diary or journal today. If you’d like to test out the Askt iPhone diary app for yourself, you can download this free application using the iTunes link below.

Download The Askt iPhone Diary App Now!

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Askt (Journal / Diary) by Daily Questions
iOS iPhone Lifestyle Application, v. 2.0
Brand: Apple iOS
Manufacturer: Whyse ApS
4.5 based on 9 reviews
$0.00 New

Developer’s App Description

Always wanted to start a diary? Askt is a fast and elegant new way to get going! Answer one thought-provoking question each day of the year.

Askt allows users to track and compare their answers from previous years. You’ll be looking forward to the new question each day!

The goal of Askt is to be simple and quick, yet stimulating.

Features of Askt:
-A different question each day of the year
-Track and compare answers from year to year
-Share your progress with friends
-Passcode lock the app and keep your privacy
-Pick dates from the past to answer missed questions
-Review and edit past answers at any time

What’s new

– added swipe gesture to switch between days

About the Developer

The developer, Whyse ApS is located in Alleroed, Denmark.

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