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The iPad is my current favorite touch screen game device due to the large size and mobility, that may change when I get my iPhone 4S? Either way the game Osmos for iPad takes playing games on my iPad to a different level. Yes, this game has been out for awhile, we have just been a little slow to the party on this one. This strategy iPad game with simple yet intriguing graphics and calming music is an experience when playing. The object of the game, become the biggest, at least the levels I played, which there are 72 of. This app has earned all sorts of awards and rightly so, it is iconic and a true touch screen game app. Looking forward to the day that the retina display comes to the iPad, this game will even be that much better. Watch our other iPad video app reviews for more awesome iPad app videos.

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Osmos for iPad App Details

Title: Osmos for iPad
Price: $4.99
Size: 18.7 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Hemisphere Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Osmos for iPad App Download

Osmos for iPad - Hemisphere Games

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for this iPad app review.

Osmos for iPad iPad App Developer Description

Enter the absorbing world Apple named “iPad Game of the Year”! Osmos is part physics-based eat-’em-up, part ambient, cosmic simulator, and part Darwinistic game of survival. This award-winning PC game has been fully redesigned for the iPad, featuring fluid multitouch controls, lush, flowing visuals, and a chill, ambient electronic soundtrack.

Some describe Osmos as “Asteroids meets a lava-lamp,” others as “Katamari meets Lunar Lander,” but all have said it’s a game you must experience to appreciate. Your goal is to grow by absorbing smaller motes, but to propel yourself you must eject matter behind you, causing you to shrink. From this fundamental balance, Osmos leads the player through ambient playgrounds, deep solar systems, competitive petri dishes, dense mote-fields, and more.

– Multitouch awesomeness: pinch to zoom, tap to eject mass, flick to warp time…
– Two game modes: Odyssey and Arcade. Odyssey mode is a 27-level guided tour through the Osmos Blobiverse, while Arcade mode allows you to play any level type at your choice of difficulty. (72 levels total.)
– Dynamic time-warping: slow down the flow of time to outmaneuver agile opponents; speed it up to raise the challenge
– Eight Distinct level types: Ambient, Antimatter, Solar, Sentient, Impasse, Warped Chaos, Epicycles, and Repulsor.
– Sublime electronic soundtrack by Loscil, Gas/High Skies, Julien Neto, Biosphere, and more.
– Wind your way through simple and complex solar systems, feeling and using the force of Attractors and Repulsors.
– Confront four distinct personalities of intelligent opponents, with goals and abilities similar to your own.
– Procedural content: play random versions of any level in Arcade mode.
– Thirteen lucky achievements to earn, with OpenFeint integration.

– nominated for 4 IGF awards.
– Winner of the D2D Vision award and IGN’s Editor’s Choice award.
– Winner of “Best in Show” and “Fun/Compelling” at IndieCade.
– Selected for the PAX 10 and more.


“An evolutionary step… What iPad Gaming Should Be All About” -Gizmodo

5/5 stars – Macworld Editor’s Choice – “One of the best games we’ve played so far this year. An utterly serene, yet fiendishly complicated game that deserves a place in every iPad owners collection.” -MacWorld

“The best iPad game yet.” -IGN

4/4, Must Have – “We are more than overwhelmed by Osmos for iPad… The game design is thoughtful and intuitive, new level structures are flawless, and the visuals are stunning yet simplistic. For half the price of the computer version, every iPad owner should have Osmos on their device. You just won’t find another experience quite like it.” -Slide To Play

“Osmos HD is THE game for the iPad.” -Pocket Lint

“Osmos is a must-play on the iPad… It’s the best iPad game on the App Store right now and should be purchased by anyone who picks up the device. Even if it’s not yours. Trust me, the owner will thank you.” -MTV Multiplayer

Grade “A” – “In a word, remarkable. Osmos is an absolutely essential purchase for anyone with an iPad.” -Games Uncovered

“The first proper breakout hit for the iPad. Osmos feels so natural and enjoyable to play, even when the difficulty ramps up and you find yourself repeatedly careening into a giant gaseous enemy.” -Wired

5/5 stars – “Osmos is an absolute must that will change the way you think of games, and what you expect from them.” -AppAdvice

“Brilliantly clever” -Co Design

“If you’re looking for a great, original gaming experience on Apple’s magical tablet, Osmos is it.” -TUAW

Happy Osmoting!

*Refers to original PC/Mac version.

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