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Astro Golf, Awesome Space-Themed Mini Golf Game for iOS and Android

Astro Golf, by Bolder Games, is a fun and reinvented version of the classic “mini golf” game. This iOS and Android mobile app features killer-looking space themed graphics, 50 large levels of gameplay, 3 unique and playable robot golf balls, and a lot more that’s sure to grab and keep your attention.

Astro Golf iPad App Review Video

Putt-Putt, also known as miniature golf, has always been one of my favorite sports. That’s probably because of the laid-back atmosphere and silly golf holes that require you to hit your colored golf ball past things like windmills, into clown mouths, and the like.

Astro Golf Game Overview

Overall, mini golf games are pretty darn popular on the iPad, iPhone and Android, but you haven’t played a mini golf game like Astro Golf: Taking Mini Golf to New Heights (full app name). Why? Because this non-conformist mini golf game takes your game into a futuristic space realm, complete with obstacles like “black holes,” “laser shooting robots,” electrifying bumpers, and other objects that make getting a hole in one rather tricky – but not impossible.

iPad App Review for Astro Golf

Each game is played using 1 of 3 available robots as your golf ball (Orbit, Tess Lacoil or T.O.R.K.). Each robot has special abilities as well as plugin slots to load power-ups to give you an edge against certain objects. Orbit is the stock robot, but as you play through you will unlock the other bots, or you can unlock them immediately through in-app purchase. Currently, there are 50 levels of gameplay with the objective being to get your robot golf ball into the hole in par or less.

Astro Golf iPad App Review Video

And, there is more than one way to “skin a cat” in Astro Golf, meaning that each hole has multiple ways it can be completed. What may appear to be the easiest solution is not always as it seems and vice versa. But don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities because there are plenty of out-of-the-way areas on each level that could help you complete the level faster or score more points. To that end, you score points by collecting nuts, and bouncing off of bumpers and other objects as you play through each hole.

Golf Mini Games App Review for iPad

I should also mention that Bolder Games is very generous with the amount of gold coins they let you win on each hole. Gold coins allow you to upgrade the many power-ups to increase your robot’s ability to withstand various objects, open doors, double jump and unlock other helpful power-ups. Besides the main game areas, there are also bonus levels that you can unlock by collecting red keys as you play through this fun little mini-golf game. One thing is for sure, Astro Golf’s gameplay won’t bore you because you typically will not play a golf hole the same in this game.

iPad Golf Mini Game Review Video

Astro Golf Gameplay

You start your pursuit of completing all 50 golf holes with the robot Orbit. Tap him and he turns into a ball ready for you to pull back on…aim…and shoot. Bounce off bumpers and walls collecting nuts and scoring multipliers, but ultimately try to get your golf ball into the hole before the allotted number of strokes for that hole – much like regular golf.

You will find many of the levels or holes to be super whacky with lots of cliffs and obstacles that will send you into the air, and again, secret ways to complete a level sooner than later, but this requires you to pay attention. And yes, you can get a hole in 1; I did this 2x while playing when recording the above Astro Golf video review.

Astro Golf is a great mini golf game that provides a fun and memorable casual game experience for iOS and Android owners!

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Developer: Bolder Games
iOS Universal Games Application, Cost: $1.99, v. 1.1.2
Astro Golf: Taking Mini Golf to New Heights
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 06/03/2014
Awesome, space-themed mini golf game with 3 playable robots, 50 large levels of gameplay and power-ups.
4.5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

When we think we’ve landed on an outrageously good idea for a game, we think on it and rethink it—sometimes scrapping it entirely or reworking it until it’s a shadow of its initial self— until it’s smarter, better, bolder and more fun than we ever thought it could be. Our litmus test is simple: with all the amazing games out there, would we actually play this one if no one were looking? If the answers isn’t a resounding “hell yes,” it’s back to more hard work, late nights, and lukewarm takeout.

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