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Astronomica! HD – Fast Flying or Dead on Impact!

Astronomica! HD is a futuristic-themed humans against aliens battle through 3 different space environments traveling in unique flying vehicles while completing 30 missions and 3 challenging endless mini games. This game transports you into the year 5454 where mankind is in a life or death battle with aliens over a precious gas called Myron. You will take the helm of 3 different flying vehicles (Carrier, Chopper and Skimmer) as you traverse the precarious space environments of Isa, Primus and Infernis. The areas comprise an asteroid belt, a forest like planet, and a molten moon where you will dodge a variety of dangerous objects, missile attacks, and lethal lasers.

While there are 30 levels of overall gameplay (10 each area), the levels start out small and become very long. An added benefit to this app is the endless mini game, which is a free-play where you can rack up points as long as you can survive. A aid in your efforts, in either game mode, is a shop where you can exchange Myron gas for shields, slow down, and continue power-ups. There are additional in game power-ups that are good and bad. An example of one of the benevolent power-ups is the Manual Thruster Override, which changes the control for the ship to tapping instead of holding down to fly, which can be challenging when trying to avoid deadly objects, missils and the like.

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This game is vibrantly colored with very nice cartoon graphics and a great story. There are also a bunch of extras such as a game inspired musical soundtrack, as well as concept art that shows off the graphic designer’s apparent artistic touch. There are other extras that can be unlocked by completing certain levels. Astronomica! HD is a very nicely done and enjoyable action game for the iPad and iPhone, and the fact that it is currently FREE makes this a no-brainer download for sure. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete look at this application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Astronomica! HD iPad App Details

Title: Astronomica! HD
Price: $0.99
Size: 137.1 MB
Category: Games
Developer: MYRiX
Store: iTunes App Store

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Astronomica! HD - MYRiX

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Astronomica! HD iPad App Developers Description

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In the year 5454, Myron has become a rare commodity sought after by both the Humans, who have sent soldiers and pilots of the UMC (United Military Council) to harvest this essential resource, and an alien threat who’re determined to stop the brave pilots by any means necessary.
In Astronomica! you see this roller coaster of a game through the eyes of Captain Turner and Captain McKenie, two pilots on a intrepid adventure through the lively but hazardous Astronomica system in search of whatever Myron they can find whilst avoiding every trap and trick the alien menace can throw at them.
This game takes you through three beautiful, vibrant areas including the crystalline, frozen asteroid belt of Isa, the forest planet of Primus whose skies are alight with dazzling auroras, and the fiery moon of Infernis, a dangerous land ablaze with fire and magma. Each of these treacherous zones is navigated by its own distinctively unique vehicle such as a Carrier or a Chopper.
Astronomica! also includes a featured soundtrack with music inspired by traditional video game melodies and composition.
If that wasn’t enough, this game also includes three cool minigames which can be unlocked through playing each area’s challenging missions as well as concept art galleries, information trump cards and a visually interesting music player.
If missions aren’t for you though, you can always play any of the three areas on freeplay and try to get as far as you possibly can. If you log in to your Gamecentre account, you can share your high scores with the rest of the world and see how you fare against everyone else.

Astronomica! features:

Three different areas to play through, each navigated with a different vehicle.

Additional free minigames including: an Astronomica! Track Builder, a Memory Match game and Space Porter

Fully featured soundtrack, including music player

Concept art galleries

Gamecentre Leader Boards

Gamecenter Achievements

Thirty missions to complete plus three freeplay modes

In-game shop, where you can trade collected Myron for extra lives and other handy little power-ups to make things easier.

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