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AstroWings3 – ICARUS – Another AstroWing Epic Shooter!

AstroWings3–ICARUS (by M2M Entertainment) is the 3rd title in the AstroWing series, and is yet another great epic flying-shooter game with 3 playable ships, 3 difficulty levels, tough boss battles — and a cool mythology/technology storyline. The title may not get across the “epicness” of this game, but once you fire it up and play — you will understand. Most game storylines are lame or really weak, but this storyline was memorable to me after reading it in the iTunes description. In a nutshell, your heroine is Hera, a warrior goddess, and she is trying to control the skies in a non stop battle with her enemies. The gameplay is fast and furious with enemy ships attacking from all directions, including from behind. Eventually, you will reach a boss battle for each level, which are intense to say the least. You can have 3 profiles, but once a profile is created you cannot change it, but only delete it. Since there are 3 different ships (Ares, Athena, and Poseidon 3 – mythology reference) you can have one for each profile and your coin/wing currency is shared between the profiles. There are a couple of extras like a Power and Special weapon that will make your life a bit easier, but the real trick to this game is to score combos. By scoring combos your weapons will be upgraded, the longer your combo score lasts the more powerful your weapons will become. But, once you take damage your combo is reduced and if you take too much damage you have to start from 0 again.

AstroWings3 - ICARUS iphone video app demoAstroWings3 - ICARUS iphone video app demo

I played both the Ares and Athena ships (each had a different main and special weapon) and found the gameplay to be very fast, yet at some points there were unnerving lulls that led to increased enemy resistance. The enemies are colorful and so are their bullets, lasers and bombs, and the bosses flush all of the previous in massive amounts at you when you go up against them. Coins and wings can be used to upgrade your ships and you can purchase these through in app purchase; however, you can also earn both through playing the game. I only played 2 full levels with 2 different ships and the levels were challenging to say the least. This game has great content that can be played at 3 difficulty settings, that is if you can survive. If you have never played any of the AstroWings iPhone or iPad games, do yourself a favor and pick AstroWings3 – ICARUS up for FREE — while it lasts — until 07/02/12 when it will return to $0.99. Be sure to watch our iPhone video app demo for this iPhone and iPad games application for a complete look at this game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

AstroWings3 – ICARUS iPhone App Details

Title: AstroWings3 – ICARUS
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 53.2 MB
Developer: M2m entgame
Store: iTunes App Store

AstroWings3 – ICARUS iPhone App Download Link

AstroWings3 - ICARUS - M2m entgame

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AstroWings3 – ICARUS iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Find out why ★★2 Million Players★★are addicted to the AstroWings experience!

Eliminate enemy squadrons in an outer-space battle of epic proportions!

Arm yourself for the newest alien annihilation sensation, the continuation of the AstroWings saga: AstroWings3: Icarus!

AstroWings 3: Icarus is the 3rd installment of the wildly popular AstroWings series, a saga known for its highly addictive vertically scrolling space battle set-up. This bullet-hell sequel is adrenaline-saturated and upgrade-overloaded, delivering new aircraft, weaponry, and items designed to wreak havoc on extraterrestrial terrorists in the most incredible AstroWings war game yet!

AstroWings 3: Icarus puts you in the cockpit as the valiant Hera, a warrior goddess leading one faction in a winner-takes-all divine clash between ancient deities and upstart demigods. She personifies the resurrection of Icarus, embodying his desire to rule the skies, denying her enemies even one inch of airspace. As she tears through the opposition, she knows that her raw power must be surpassed only by the superiority of her razor-sharp tactical skills and her lightning-quick reaction times.

Face breathtaking bullet intensity and heart-stopping action as AstroWings 3: Icarus captures the imagination and holds your attention hostage. Help Hera assemble the ultimate outer-space fighting by upgrading futuristic offensive and defensive devices. Defend space, dominate the galaxy, defeat the enemy, and bring peace to the galaxy once again.

★★★★Join us in a special fan promotional event! ★★★★★

To celebrate the launch of AstroWings 3: Icarus, all players will be awarded ★3,000 coins!!!★

▶ About the AstroWings Series:

✓ #1 Game in Korea & Top 10 Game in 30 Countries

✓ ★BEST GAME AWARD★ Samsung Appstore Award

✓ Over 2 Million Downloads

✓ AstroWings 3: Icarus is the 3rd installment in the series, following the blockbuster hits AstroWings 1: The Space War has Begun and AstroWings 2: Space Odyssey.

▶ Features:

– Mythology meets technological mayhem in this legendary space adventure! Choose from 3 classically named futuristic fighters: Athena, Ares and Poseidon 3

– High quality FULL HD Graphics for stunning visual effects and unbelievable animations (To maintain compatibility with older devices, users can customize the game’s graphics via the options menu; gamers with newer devices should choose “High” to enjoy AstroWings 3: Icarus at its best.)

– Experience epic outer-space combat with a sensational soundtrack of original music composed to be the perfect audio background for airborne battle

– Upgrade your weapons using AstroWings 3’s innovative new upgrade system, allowing you to increase each weapon’s power chain-massive combos

– Intuitive touchscreen interface and smoothly calibrated controls give you pick-up-and-play simplicity.

– AstroWings 3: Icarus is compatible with most iOS devices: download and play this universal app on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (Please check compatibility notes for specific requirements.)

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