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Audials Radio – Listen, Record, Explore 63,300+ Streaming Radio Stations for Free!

Want free music? That is exactly what you will get with the Audials Radio Android Music & Audio app. With Audials Radio you can quickly and easily listen to over 63,000+ streaming radio stations, record songs, and wake up to your favorite radio station – but that’s not all this killer music app has to offer.

There are definitely a lot of choices when it comes to apps to listen to music, but do any of them allow you to record the songs you listen to including top charting, current songs? Well, Audials Radio does and in a super cool, automated way that only requires SD space and a tap of your finger. But what else does Audials Radio have under the hood? Let’s find out.

Free Android Radio Streaming App Review

Audials Radio App Features

Audials Radio comes with many expected features for a streaming radio app. Namely, the current 63,000+ streaming radio stations that cover the gambit of genres. Everything from ’60s music, comedy, disco, christian, house, electronic, ebm, country, rap, jazz, wave and many, many more are free to listen to with this mobile app. And even better, all stations buffer super fast and can be listened to from 48 kBit to 380 kBit.

Besides searching for music by genres of music, you can bucket your favorite stations into a favorite category, search local radio stations, search by an artist’s name, peruse music by country and also explore music through Zapping!

Zapping is a unique Audials Radio feature, which encourages users to explore music in a variety of ways. In the Zapping screen, enter an artist, genre, and/or radio station using a green slide bar to increase or decrease the preference for your 3 selections, and tap to Zap. Each time you tap the “Zap Now” button you will get a suggestion based on your search preference criteria providing you with additional music. This is a great way to find similar artists or explore music you may not listen to, and this is also a free feature.

But probably the best feature the Audials Radio app offers, besides the huge offering of streaming radio stations, is the record option. Once listening to a radio station you can easily tap the record button and start recording songs from that station, even after you have stopped listening to that station if you choose. Other features that make this app rock even more includes a Sleep Timer to listen to music while you drift off to sleep, and an Alarm option that allows you to wake to your favorite radio station. You can also listen to any music using Audials Radio over Apple TV through Airplay or using Chromecast.

Audials Radio Android App Review Video

In addition to the great features already mentioned, Audials Radio has several other features such as album cover art, settings to tweak your experience, and more that make it very enjoyable to listen to music using this app. But how easy is this app to use?

Using Audials Radio

I found Audials Radio super easy to use, having a very user friendly setup. The app opens to a basic looking dashboard featuring Radio (all stations) and a few stations in your history queue, a Recordings tab, and Movies & More tab that currently only works with the Audials PC version. All you need to do is tap on the blue Radio bar and you will be listening to music in a matter of seconds. The Radio screen lets you search by artist or station, Favorites, Local Radios, Genres, Countries and Zapping. Tap any radio station and it will immediately start to play, typically in a matter of seconds once buffering is complete, which is typically super fast (depending on your connectivity).

The Radio screen has a top section that has 4 navigation options using right and left arrows. You can look over cover art, see your recordings for this station, discover related stations, and of course, Zap. A simple blue bar runs across all 4 screens allowing you to favorite the station you are listening to, record songs, and record and cut or record continuously.

Android App Review for Audials Radio App

I had a very pleasurable experience using the Audials Radio app. I found the user interface to be extremely easy to navigate, recorded 100’s of songs effortlessly, enjoyed high-quality sounding music and discovered several fantastic comedy stations to lessen the seriousness of my day. If you have not checked out the Audials Radio app, I highly suggest you do because you get a whole lot of great music and features for absolutely nothing, and without advertising overkill.

Audials Radio is available for iOS, Android OS, and Amazon Android OS, as well as the Windows mobile platform. So what are you waiting for? Download your free Audials Radio app and start grooving to your favorite music today!

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Developer: Audials Software
Android OS, Music & Audio Application, v. (varies with device)
Audials Radio
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 07/30/2014
Free Android streaming radio application with loads of features including mp3 songs recording.
4.5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

The company was originally founded in 1998 under the name of RapidSolution Software. The strong business growth led to increased capitalization and the conversion into an AG in 2002. Since 2003, the business has maintained a 100%-owned subsidiary in Temeschburg, Romania that serves as the company’s technology development center.

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