Author Lisa Vallez (a.k.a.) Mrs. CrazyMike

Lisa Vallez

Who Is Lisa Vallez?

Lisa M. Vallez, a.k.a Mrs. CrazyMike is the co-founder of CrazyMikesapps, as well as the chief editor, content manager, and author, among many other titles. Lisa likes to write reviews for apps that represent the interest of real people and everyday families, especially Education, Kids, Books, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Productivity, and several other app categories.

Mrs. CrazyMike is, of course, married to CrazyMike and is a co-laborer on this primarily family-friendly blog. In addition to being a business woman and wife, Lisa is also the mother of three teenagers.

Lisa’s hobbies and interests include: spending time with her family, interior design, gardening, art, taking educational classes, dance, competitive sports, and scouring the iTunes App Store for quality apps to share with the app community.