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Auto Memory Manager – Want More Android Memory?

The Auto Memory Manager frees up your Android device’s memory automatically! The best part about this app is that you don’t have to understand how to use this app, just choose your setting.

Auto Memory Manager


All you have to do is select whether you want Agressive, Mild or Default memory management. Apply it and get on with your life. There is even a big bar graph with bright yellow bars that change based on your desired memory settings to help you decide what your settings should be. Using the Auto Memory Manager app allows you to get rid of “task killer” apps that you may be using to manually manage your Android’s memory.

This application actually has a load more functionality than I have led you to believe. However, the main controls will be sufficient for just about all users. Most of the remaining settings are for the “techy types” that know what they are doing. For starters, this app works with rooted and unrooted Android devices. There is also an advanced tab that lets you set your device’s memory limits based on application and server. There are explanations for these settings, but I suggest you don’t change them unless you know what you are doing.

Auto Memory Manager


There are several other useful tools in the Auto Memory Manager app including general settings and a Running Processes tab. The Running Processes tab provides 4 different sets for current running apps on your Android device. There were some claims in reviews on Google Play that this app killed their battery, but I did not experience this. There is a paid version called Auto Memory Manager Premium, which has no ads, and you can donate to the developer to have ads removed as well. For Free this app is well worth the $1.59 the premium version costs or a smaller donation.

The Auto Memory Manager is a great app to keep your Android running with maximum memory!

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